Officially Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi | MIUI 14 android 12 Bootloader unlock Xiaomi | Couldn’t verify device 50% error FIX | Install TWRP or OrangeFox Recovery with Magisk ROOT

Officially Unlock Bootloader on all Xiaomi Smart Phones –
MIUI 14 (Android 12 and Upper Versions)



This tutorial includes,

  • All files relating to bootloader unlocking of Xiaomi with
    drives and software.
  • Full guidelines to fix all problems with Xiaomi bootloader unlocking.
  • Xiaomi Fastboot vs FastbootD
  • How to fix Couldn’t add sign into your account and try
  • How to fix Xiaomi fastboot not detecting error
  • How to fix Xiaomi Flash Unlock Tool Couldn’t verify device
  • Xiaomi unlock tool 50% Couldn’t verify device.
  • Advance tools for Xiaomi software flash and recovery
  • Unlocking Xiaomi bootloader in latest android devices
  • 100% official, legal, and correct method for unlocking
    bootloader on Xiaomi
  • Permanently install TWRP or Orange Fox Custom Recovery
  • Install Magisk Root

Download files are included at the end of this post. download all the files to your PC and extract them

  • Install all drivers
  • Install downloaded software


How to prepare your Xiaomi Note 9 pro device for unlock

  • Firstly you need to take a full backup of your all data of
    the mobile, including app data, games data, contacts, messages, social media
    accounts, pictures videos and all.


  • Because this process will permanently wipe your phone storage


  • Also, it will wipe your phone memory but it will not erase
    your external memory card


  • Open settings and goto about phone
  • Tap several times on the MIUI version until you get a message
    saying you are now a developer or developer mode is enabled


  • Now login to your Xiaomi account, remove your all passwords
    and fingerprints, also you need to remove all the google accounts if any.


  • Goto additional settings and open developer options


  • Click and enable OEM unlock


  • Click on Mi Unlock states and connect your Xiaomi account with
    savers to unlock the bootloader. (This process required mobile data. You can’t
    do this with mobile data)


  • Enable USB debugging


  • Enable install via USB


  • Enable USB debugging (security settings)


PC application setup for Xiaomi bootloader unlock

  • Install Qualcomm drivers, ADB and Mi Flash Pro


  • Extract Android SDK platform tools, Mi Unlock tool


  • Open Mi Unlock tool and run Mi USB driver then reconnect you
    phone with PC


  • Now press and hold on power key + Volume down key until your
    device getting to Fastboot mode


  • Then reconnect it and see whether your phone is successfully
    connected to the PC by opening the device manager


  • If not skip to Mi Flash Pro tutorial which on bellow of this


  • Now run Mi Unlock tool as admin and login with your Xiaomi
    account which on your phone (This must the same one which you have requested above)


  • Then click unlock and again click unlock anyway


  • If its success it will say you need to wait 240h or more to


  • After completing this trial period you can unlock your bootloader


  • If Mi Unlock tool stuck on 50% or gave an error saying couldn’t
    verify device without verifying the device, you need to follow the Mi Flash Pro
    tutorial which on bellow of this post


Mi Flash Pro tutorial for Fix Bootloader Unlocking Issues.

How to FIX Xiaomi bootloader unlock at 50% error?

How to FIX Xiaomi Unlock Tool couldn’t verify device of
device does not recognize error?


  • Most of this problem may occur due to the two fastboot
    options on android devices. Which you can open through running android SDK tool
    on CMD to enter fastboot mode by typing “adb reboot fastboot” command.


  • But the problem is if you can’t find the right drivers for
    your device it will not recognize your device when its on the fastboot mode.


  • So after discovering the fastbootD you will try to unlock
    the device through FastbootD. But that option called fatsbootD isn’t supported
    for such operations.


  • Therefore if you need to unlock your device you need to
    install the correct fast boot drivers on your phone to detect it by PC


How to install Xiaomi Fastboot drivers on my phone

  • Firstly you must have to charge your phone fully


  • Then, download the exact same firmware to your phone which
    already installed on your phone.


  • If its MIUI Global you need to download exact same firmware


  • Also, this must be the recovery rom, shouldn’t be the
    fastboot rom.


  • Now press and hold on Volume up key and power key together
    till its giving two vibrations, then release power key while holding the volume
    up to enter the recovery


  • Now goto Xiaomi assistant option


  • Then connect to the internet and open Xiaomi flash pro which is already installed


  • Log in with your Xiaomi account


  • Connect the device to PC


  • Now open the recovery option and select your rom which downloaded
    right now. this must be exact same firmware to your phone which already installed
    on your phone.


  • Don’t change IMEI and wait till completing the verifiction
    (You can’t downgrade your device using this tool)


  • Flash and wait till its complete


  • After completing the installation your phone will be reboot


  • Then enter into fastboot mode (Not the fastbootd) by
    pressing and holding the Volume Down key + Power key


  • Then reconnect the device to PC and open device manager to
    find whether your drivers are installed correctly on the phone. If its ok, you
    can unlock your device right now.






What are Xiaomi two fastboot options?

What is Xiaomi Fastboot and FastbootD

Fastboot and FastbootD: Understanding the Bootloader Modes
on Android Devices


Android devices utilize two distinct bootloader modes:
Fastboot and FastbootD. Fastboot represents the traditional bootloader mode,
while FastbootD is a newer mode introduced in Android 10. These modes provide
access to the device’s low-level software, enabling users to perform advanced
tasks such as flashing custom ROMs, recovering from bricking, and modifying
system configurations.


Fastboot: The Established Bootloader Mode


Fastboot serves as the standard bootloader mode for Android
devices, offering a versatile toolset for interacting with the device’s
underlying software. It facilitates flashing partitions, excluding the system
partition, enabling users to install custom ROMs, troubleshoot software issues,
and enhance device functionality.


Entering Fastboot Mode:


To access Fastboot mode, a specific button combination must
be held during the device’s boot process. The exact combination varies
depending on the device manufacturer. Once in Fastboot mode, a connection to a
computer is established, allowing users to execute Fastboot commands to manage
the device’s software.


FastbootD: An Enhanced Bootloader Experience


FastbootD emerges as a more secure and reliable alternative
to the traditional Fastboot mode. Its introduction in Android 10 reflects
Google’s commitment to improving bootloader security and stability.
Additionally, FastbootD extends its capabilities to include flashing the system
partition, enabling a wider range of advanced tasks.


Accessing FastbootD Mode:


Entering FastbootD mode requires the execution of the
fastboot boot fastbootd command, prompting the device to reboot into FastbootD.
Once in this mode, users can employ the same commands as in Fastboot mode,
benefiting from enhanced security and reliability.


TWRP / OrangeFox Custom Recovery Installation Tutorial


How to install Magisk ROOT?

Just download magisk apk from following link and flash it through TWRP or Orange Fox


Download the latest version of the following files and drivers from the given links.

Xiaomi USB Drivers Download – Link

Xiaomi unlock tool latest version – Link

ADB drivers installer – Link

Android SDK platform tools – Link

Qualcomm drivers – Link

MI Flash Pro – Link

7Z file unzip – Link (Free zip rar extract tools)

Download TWRP Install Files – Link

Download Magisk File – Link







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