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How to Install Windows Subsystem Android on windows 10 PC / WSA for windows 10 / WSA windows 10 installer

Reach bottom of the page to download the file. This tutorial will guide you to install the windows subsystem for android app player on any of windows 10 PC without really moving to windows 11. What is windows subsystem for android? Its an android emulator for PC that can emulate your favorite android application from your PC. There are so many apps that provide this service. But WSA is a very advance application among them which uses real android environmental factors to emulate android apps on windows. But this application requires special hardware specifications to work on any PC.

Minimum system requirements

  1. Compatible CPU (its better if you have 8gen I3 or upper version PC. Sometimes this will work on I5 2nd generation PCs also. It depends)
  2. 8GB RAM
  3. Importantly latest update of windows 10 (1945.2546 or upper version)

Specifications of this WSA version

  1. No amazon app store
  2. It comes with GAPPS and PlayStore
  3. Magisk root
  4. Android 12 and 13 versions

How to install WSA on windows 10?

Can we really install and run this on windows 10? Or is this fake? No, it’s not fake. You can really install and run this WSA application on any windows 10 PC that updated to the latest version.

Installation process.

  • Download the zip file and extract it.
  • Zip file comes with a password. You need to watch the video to get the password.

Step 1

Goto search bar and type winver to check whether you are on the latest version of windows 10 or not. If not just update to latest windows 10 release.

Step 2

  • Open search and type windows feature then open turn on or off windows features option.
  • Now disable hyper-v, windows hypervisor, windows sandbox
  • Enable virtual machine platform.
  • Click on ok and wait till complete.
  • Then reboot your PC.

Step 3

Press F2 key and reach to the boot menu for enable the virtualization from boot. You can find boot virtualization on advance menu. Opening of boot menu is very different rom one PC to another. So you need to refer this tutorial for open boot settings. OpenBoot Menu from any PC Now save and exit from boot.

Step 4

After restarting of the PC extract the downloaded file. You can watch the full video to gain the password.

Step 5

Run CMD as administrator mode.

Step 6

Now goto extracted folder and just copy the folder path like this.

Step 7

  • Then type,
Cd and paste your code like this. EG: cd C:\Users\ThariPt\Downloads\New folder\WSA by Virtual Tech World Youtube with Gapps and Magisk
  • Now type,
Run.bat and hit enter.

Last step

Now you have successfully installed the windows subsystem android application on your windows 10 PC without facing any difficulties. Just enjoy…. If you are facing any problem, just comment bellow.

Required files download.

  • Windows subsystem for android mod by Virtual Tech World

There are only 2 pages to skip for download the file

Copyright protected content. Content, all files, and the tutorial was created by Pawan Tharindu Attygalle. Copying these files or use them in your website is completely prohibited. If I were able to found, I will claim my rights. Result will google or your crawled website will remove the content from the search results, and it will highly affect to your other contents also. If this happened in YouTube, your channel would receive another warning and copyright claim from me. I have wasted my time, resources, knowledge, experience on this. So, don’t even try to steal. TAGS Windows subsystem for android install fail error fix, windows subsystem for android install in windows 10, can we install wsa in windows 10, WSA win 10, Win 10 WSA, subsystem virtualization fix, windows subsystem for android install in win 10, win 10 WSA settings, WSA mod for win 10, WSA alternatives for windows 10, how to run wsa in windows 10, windows 10 WSA new update, windows subsystem android 8gb ram error fix, windows 10 subsystem android installation process, windows 10 subsystem android new guide, new WSA for windows 10, wsa win 10 64bitm, download windows subsystem for windows 10, WSA win 10 installer, windows 10 wsa installer, how to install WSA without win 11, magisk with wsa, windows subsystem for android root and magisk, wsa root win 10, wsa magisk windows 10,

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