Easily connect sav.com custom domains with blogger

How to connect your sav.com custom domain with blogger? Enable DNS forwarding on sav.com

This tutorial will help you all to setting up DNS for any sav.com custom domain and redirect them to your website. Read and follow all steps. If you have any problem, you can watch the video tutorial also. To connect your sav custom domain with BlogSpot or WordPress or any other website you need to have the access to the DNS panel of sav. But the problem is, there are no any other option to enable DNS on sav for most of the domain extensions like customdomain.icu. Even their DNS management is very poor. And it will take hours to update the DNS records. So this tutorial will help anyone to fix those problems and perfectly setting up your custom domains from sav.com or any other domain provider who doesn’t have an stable DNS management system, to connect their sites with Cloudflare DNS and gain this advantage.

Are we need to pay for the Cloudflare for this?

Not at all. It’s a 100% free of charge stable and perfect website for DNS management.

Steps of connecting sav.com custom domains with BlogSpot of WordPress with Cloudflare DNS

Step 1 Bought a custom domain from sav.com (If you already have a one, you can skip this step) Step 2 Connect to cloudflare and create an account. Then activate your cloudflare account. Step 3 Add your custom domain to cloudflare. If you are facing an error like, this domain is not registered one, wait 5 hours or 2hours and try. This may only happen if you are again and again tried to add your custom domain to cloudflare without completing the all steps. Steps 4 Update your name-servers of sav.com as the requirements of cloud-flare and wait about 5-10 minutes of time and click on check name savers. Step 5 Open the DNS settings of cloudflare and remove all DNS records. Step 6
  1. Open blogspot settings
  2. Goto custom domain and enter your custom domain like this
  3. www.yourdomain.com
  4. click on save.
  5. Click support page link and copy those 4 IP addresses from that page.
  6. Then update them into cloudflare DNS as A records with @ as following screenshot and turn off all proxies.
  7. Now create a new CNAME record and enter www to name and ghs.google.com to Destination
  8. Turn off the proxies and save
  9. Now create a new CNAME record and enter the name and destination as your blogspot requirements. Turn off proxies.
  10. And save your custom domain on blogspot again. If that isn’t works wait 5-20 minutes and again click on save.
This screenshots is only for guide you. Don’t enter these names or destinations Step 7 Turn on redirect domain, HTTPS availability, HTTPS redirect tics on your blogspot settings. Wait about 30 min to 1 hour of time and try to connect to your website once again. It will automatically redirect to your blogspot website like my website. I have two sav.com custom domains which connected to wordpress using cloudflare DNS. If you have any problem, join to whatsapp and ask. I will help. But I can’t do them for you. I’ll help.

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