Install Windows 11 on VMWARE workstation pro | A to Z full tutorial of installing win 11 on VMware workstation without having the minimum requirements

This tutorial will guide you to install the windows 11 pro on VMware workstation when VMWARE says “This PC doesn’t meet the system requirements to install this version of windows”. After following these steps, you all can download and install windows 11 on VMware without any of errors.


Download following files to install windows 11 on VMware


  • VM ware workstation




  • Windows 11 disk image file


Download from

Direct download


  • VM ware Activation Codes for the latest version



Full installing process of windows 11 on VMware without errors


Watch the following tutorial or read and follow all steps





  • Install VMware VM manager on your PC and activate it.


  • You can get the VMware latest activation codes 100% f r e e from this GitHub page

VMware activation key


  • Then open VMware to install win 11 OS


  • Then click on the “create a new virtual machine” option


  • Choose the “custom” option and click next


  • Click on next again


  • Select the windows 11 image file to the box and, click on next


  • Skip product key entering window if that appears


  • Click on next option


  • You can change the virtual OS processors from this window. This step is an important step when we try to install windows 11 on VMware. Because it will help us to bypass incompatible hardware errors of windows 11. It’s compulsory to select at least 2 processors for install windows 11 on inside of VMware.


  • Click on next


  • You can change the RAM size of virtual OS from next window.  Windows 11 normally need at least 4GB RAM to complete the installation process. But following this tutorial will help you to bypass this error and install windows 11 on VMware even you have selected 1GB ram. Normally I’m recommending you select 40% of the original RAM as the Virtual OS ram size. (Which means if you have 16 GB ram, you can select 6GB ram.)


  • Click the next until to “Specify Disk Capacity” window


  • Then here you need to select at least 60GB free storage for install windows 11 as a virtual OS in VMware. This depends on your needs. You can increase or decrease as your wish.


  • Enabling “allocate all disk space now” and “split virtual disk into multiple files” options will provide a better performance for the virtual OS. Other than this “store virtual hard drive as a single file” option will help you to share our virtual machine to other computers as a one single file that pre-installed everything.


  • Click on next


  • You can change the place where that locates the virtual OS (60GB disk image file or files) from this window. If you didn’t select anything here, it will automatically save this into local disk C and this lead your PC hard drive full errors. So, I’m recommending you to select another location.


  • Click on next and finish the process.


  • The next step will take some time to complete. Because it will write the full size of the virtual hard disk on your hard drive. This may take 10 to 2 minutes as the speed of your HDD or the SSD.


  • Now launch it. If it isn’t booted, follow these steps.


  • Open the search menu
  • Search for turn on or off windows features option
  • Open it
  • And disable following features from it,
    • Hyper-V
    • Virtual machine platform
    • Windows sandbox
    • Windows subsystem for Linux
    • Windows hypervisor
  • Press ok and wait until the process completed.
  • Click on reboot pc
  • Now you will be able to launch your virtual system to install win 11


Run the Virtual System and wait until it is getting ready


  • Then click on next and install now
  • Click on I don’t have a product key
  • Select windows 11 pro and click on next
  • Then you will have to face a screen called “This PC doesn’t meet the system requirements to install this version of windows”

How to Bypass Wndows 11 Installation ERROS of VMware?

  • Press “Shift” key and “F10” keys together to open CMD window
  • Now type “regedit” and hit enter
  • This will open registry editor
  • Now go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSetup” path
  • Right click on setup and crate new following KEYs
    • LabConfig
    • MoSetup

  • Now go to LabConfig and create the following DWORD 32bit Values
    • BypassCPUCheck
    • BypassRAMCheck
    • BypassTPMCheck
    • BypassSecureBootCheck
  • Open and change the value data to 1 and click ok
  • Go to MoSetup and create following DWORD 32bit Value
  • AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU
  • Open it and change the value data to 1 and press ok
  • Now close registry editor, CMD, and windows install screen once.


  • Then click on next and install now
  • Click on I don’t have a product key
  • Select windows 11 pro and click on next
  • Click to accept the terms and next
  • Custom install, select the disk and next
  • Select the country and next
  • Click I don’t have internet
  • Click to continue with limited setup
  • Enter username, password and accept the terms
  • Wait until the process completed.


Activate windows 11 OS on vmware?

  • Install windows tools for VMware
    • Click workstation from the above tab
    • Go to VM-Install VMware tools
    • Press install
    • Open file manager and go to my PC, Then install the CD drive which appears.
  • After don’t restart,
  • Shutdown the PC and re launch
  • Download this file
  • Import it to VM (Copy and paste – this will not allow if you skipped above step)
  • Extract
  • Right click on the CMD and run the extracted file as administrator
  • Follow the instructions to activate windows (This required data connection also)


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