Install VphoneGaga Android 12 | Vphonegaga Android 12 full install guide | Start up black screen fix | vphonegaga startup freeze fix

Install VphoneGaga Android 12 | Vphonegaga Android 12 full install guide | Start up black screen fix | vphonegaga startup freeze fix  


Simply V phone gaga is a virtual android OS like Vmos, X8sandBox, Twoyi, F1VM. It will run on your device as a separate operating system with giving you the ability to access to the root, xposed features without voiding the warranty of phone. It will never modify your original system path. Vphone gaga will give you a very different and smart android experience. It will comes as an android 7 64bit system as the first opening. But you can also move to the android 10 64bit os also.


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What are the features vphonegaga application?


  • Inbuilt root and magisk access (Magisk will only work on VIP mode)
  • Android 10 64bit virtual system and android 7.1 virtual syatem
  • Still VIP is not unlocked because this is the original version
  • Amazing gaming experience with FAKE GPU and High FPS Mode
  • Playstore, play services working smoothly you can download any app from using them
  • You can remove root or hide root with magisk but this root hiding feature is required VIP
  • Fake GPU profiles with GPU overclock
  • Fake device info
  • Ability to run multi-instances and clone OS
  • Ability to change or reset main OS and boot image
  • And many more features

How can we install this application on android 12?

Watch this tutorial or follow the steps, its better to watch the video


  • Install open vphonegaga 2.4.0 or higher version
  • Firstly, you need to give display over other apps permission to vphone gaga
  • And then, again you need to allow all permission access to the app

  • Complete the install process with granting all required permissions until reach to android 12 additional window
  • If this window isn’t pop up automatically, you can reach it from clicking on the pop-up icon and reaching to the vphonegaga setting. Then scroll down and find about instances option. Now click remove process background limit (Android 12) option
  • Then click connect wifi option and connect to a wifi network for the first time. This only required for one time until bypassing the android 12. So, I have used another device to turn hotspot for a while

  • Now turn on developer option.
    • Goto settings
    • About phone
    • Tap on build number until it as the device password or give you the notification called “Developer mod is unlocked”

  • Goto wireless debugging option
    • This located in developer settings find and open it
    • Then enable
    • Usb debugging and wireless debugging

  • Switch to split scen mode
    • Click app pause icon
    • Click vphonegaga icon
    • Click split screen
    • Open setting as the next application

  • Now reach to wireless debugging and open it
  • Then get the paring code
  • Goto vphonegaga from split screen
  • Enter the code to the box
  • Click on the apply code then you will receive a notification

  • Close the split screen and open vphone gaga
  • Continue to the installation process
  • Then it will automatically be installed on your device.
  • It will take 5- 10 minutes of time to complete the process
  • Don’t disturb the process.



  • Atleast 2GB ram (maybe slow) it need 4GB ram
  • 5GB free storage on internal memory
  •  Android 5.1 or higher version device
  • Work on android 12 also



There are no errors. I have tested the application already on android 12. No closing freezing or back screen errors


How to create APN profile for vphonegaga for turn on the data access?


  • Open the setting of vphonegaga (not sys settings)
  • Click on network and internet settings
  • Find access point names
  • Click on plus (+) option
  • APN name and APN set as Default
  • Enter it and save
  • Click the Three dot menu on right and side for save
  • Then your data will be enabled




 Download VphoneGaga for android 12 –

Vphonegaga 2.4.0 


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