F1VM MOD Pro All unlocked apk Virtual Android System with Root

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F1VM is an android virtual OS that runs on any android device from android 5.1 to android 12.  It comes with an android 7.1.2 nougat android system. And F1VM has inbuild root, Xposed, auto tap, and many more features. This application will provide you a better android experience in playing the games on android with high FPS, and fake GPU profiles. This application will not harm your original device when enabling the root or Xposed features. Also, it has the ability to hide the root and apps from detection.

This application also gives the ability to install and run more instances at once.


Features of F1VM


Inbuilt root feature


F1VM will provide you the ability to gain ROOT and run ROOT-required applications on your device without really modifying the original system of your android device. Installing this will allow you to gain a better experience with ROOT before rooting the device.


Ability to install and enable Xposed framework


Xposed will run inside of the F1VM without really installing the Xposed onto the system. So you can install and use any xposed-based module on this application. This is an advanced system than virtual Xposed and taichi. So, this will allow you to gain the ultimate benefit of most Xposed modules except BOOT modules.


X8 Speeder


You can increase or slow down the speed of your favorite games to complete them easily. (This may lead to a ban from most of online games. So, I’m not recommending you to use this x8 speeder feature.)

Auto clicker


This option will allow you to auto-touch on pre-selected points of your games or applications


Google play store and google login


This app has inbuilt Google apps google login features which help for stable gameplay.


Picture in picture (PIP mode)


Using this option will allow the user to play games or use more applications at once or play two or more games at once. This depends on the device specifications like ram, and GPU.


High FPS mode of F1VM


You can change your DISPLAY FPS rate to play games in high fps mode and high graphics profiles. Also, it gives users to overclock the original display performances.


Device info changer


Ability to change the device info such as IMEI, device model, product ID, and GPU profiles.


App hide and root hide


Hide the selected apps from various detections and the ability to hide root from detections.



F1VM has 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems


This depends on your device’s specs. If your device is a  32bit one, you only can install the 32bit version. If the device is 64bit, you can install and run both 32bit and 64bit versions.


What are the requirements to install F1VM?  

At least 2GB ram and 3GB free internal storage (phone memory)


Black screen on F1VM?

If this happens on a low-end Android device like 1GB ram device, F1VM will not work. That’s why it is getting black or freezing errors on the launch. Mostly this may occur in 32bit low-end devices.


How to install F1VM on android 12?

Read and follow this tutorial to install F1VM on android 12.


Download F1VM MOD 64bit version (all unlocked mod f1vm apk)

Download the original version – (Not unlocked)


F1VM Multi-box MOD full unlocked version 


F1vm MultiBox Instalation process



You need to download the custom rom also.

 Download F1VM Parallel VM 0

 Download F1VM Parallel VM 1

Download F1VM Parallel VM 2

Download F1VM Parallel VM 3

Download F1VM Parallel VM 4

Download Custom ROM for above parallel VM’s – These custom roms has a same name. So you need to move the downloaded rom into another folder before downloading the next rom.

Also the rom name must be as it’s to detect for above applications. Installation process is on the above video.

Custom rom with playstore

Custom rom without playstore  





Download x8 sandbox mod




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