V8 BOX New Alternative for VphoneGaga Vmos Pro X8 SandBox F1VM | V8 Box ROOT XPos PlayStore 32/64bit

V8 BOX New Alternative for VphoneGaga Vmos Pro X8 SandBox F1VM | V8 Box ROOT XPos PlayStore 32/64bit



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V8 box is a new android virtual system that comes with ROOT, Xposed, PlayStore, Play Services, and android 5.1 32bit or 64bit virtual system. The application will decide whether your device is suitable for 64 bit or not.

This application is developed by Sichuan heng an technology Co. Ltd in 2022.

This application is a most improved application with the support of play most games

The V8 box is a virtual machine that focuses on games and applications. V8 Box is committed to creating a free, ad-free gaming environment for mobile game players, bringing a truly enjoyable gaming experience. The V8 box is a free virtual machine for games. On the one hand, the V8 box is free and ad-free to bring gamers a more amazing gaming experience, and the background screen operation can solve the player’s disconnection concerns on the other hand, the V8 box comes with Root, Xposed framework and Google services to help realize the game hobby creative ideas of the author.


Features of V8 Box

  • Enable root
  • Enable xposed
  • Enable play store and play services
  • Ability to clone the virtual system (for run 2 instants at same time)
  • Change FPS
  • Change display settings
  • Access to the camera from virtual system
  • Game gyroscope
  • Background lock – for prevent from killing when minimized
  • Light weight android 5.1 lollipop system
  • No ADS
  • No need to pay for enable features
  • Ability to run on background
  • Smooth gameplay


What are the requirements to install V8 Box ?

  • Android 5.0 or + device
  • Atleast 2GB ram
  • 3GB free storage


common problems of V8 Box

  1. When some games crash or crash, first confirm whether it is the original game, if not, please re-obtain it from the official game channel. If the game still has similar problems, please contact the V8 box official for feedback.
  2. For problem feedback/suggestions, find [About V8 Box] in the [Settings] of the V8 box, and click [Feedback] to submit a problem description or suggestion.
  3. In order to improve the stability of the background operation, go to the battery optimization of the real machine settings and add the V8 box to the whitelist.


How to use V8 box?

How to install an applications on v8 box

Add an application Click [Add +] on the desktop to display the installed applications in the mobile phone, find the required application, and click [Add]. Adding an app for the first time may require authorization. Continue to operate after authorization. After installation, return to the desktop and you will see that the app has been successfully installed. 

PIP Mode on v8box

Settings and use of small windows Click [Settings] on the desktop, find and open [Floating Window], and find and open the V box in the application permission “Suspended Window Management” that appears in the jump. Return to the desktop to see the small window of the V8 box. The small window supports arbitrary drag, click on the top to operate the V8 box synchronously through the small window, and double-click the small window to enlarge/reduce the window. Press and hold the floating window and drag it to the edge of the screen to switch to the floating ball. Click the . and “Advanced Settings” three functional areas. 

ROOT, Xposed on v8 box

You need to turn data on for complete this process

In “Extended Features”, [Root] can be freely selected whether to open the Root environment of the V8 box, which is suitable for some applications that require root permissions. [Xposed Framework] is mainly used to restrict applications from obtaining permissions or modifying device information.


Display settings & FPS

In “Display Settings”, you can choose resolution, refresh rate, full screen display, and screen orientation lock. In [Virtual Keys], you can freely choose [Built-in Virtual Machine Keys] or [External Virtual Machine Keys]. After opening the [External Virtual Machine Button] in [Settings], go back to the desktop and click the black side in the lower right corner of the screen to turn off or on the external virtual machine button freely.


Password and multi v8 boxes

In “Advanced Settings”, find [Multiple Open Box], click [Download] and install it, you can open the game more. You can open the application [Multiple Open Boxes] and [Floating Window] settings. When the box encounters a startup problem, you can choose [Repair Startup], and you can also set a [Startup Password] for the box. To improve the game experience, open the settings of [Game Gyro] and [Background Lock]. In order to improve the stability of the background operation, go to the battery optimization of the real machine settings and add the V8 box to the whitelist.


How to clone this v8 box?

  1. Just download cloner and open it
  2. Then complete the process as normally


How to change language to English on v8box

  1. Turn on data and open the app
  2. Click on Setting icon
  3. Enable playstore
  4. Login to Play store (Please don’t use your original gmail for Virtual Systems – Just create a new one)
  5. Search for change language and install it
  6. Then open it
  7. And change language to english save




Download links

Download V8 Box 32/64bit

Download V8 cloner (Need above app installed on the device)

You can directly download the app from above links

Official link is only for those who need the latest version. But sometimes this link will not work for some countries. 👇

Download from official site




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