Install Windows XP on VMWARE workstation pro | A to Z full tutorial of installing win xp on VMware

Install Windows XP on VM WARE workstation pro | A to Z full tutorial of installing win xp on VMware


Installing process of windows XP on a vmware workstation is a very usable for us to use an old windows operating system in our PC’s without really installing windows old builds on our PC. It enables us the access to a virtual system without deleting our data.


What are the files that we need to install windows xp on VMware

  • VMware workstation


  • Windows XP disk image file

Download 64bit

Download 32bit

How to install windows XP on vmware?

Just watch the above tutorial if you have any problem


  • Firstly, you need to run and completely install vmware workstation on your PC
  • You can get the activation code for VMware from this GitHub link
  • Then open the vmware workstation
  • Click on the “create a new virtual machine option”
  • Select “custom” and click next
  • Again, click the next option
  • Select windows XP disk image file from the storage and click next
  • If you have the windows XP product id you can paste it into the box

Find windows xp product keys

  • And if you wish to create a password and username you can do it from here
  • Click next
  • You can change the name of the virtual machine from here and if you wish to change the virtual machine file location also, you can do it (these are only necessary if your drive C is almost full) and click the next
  • You can change the processors from the next stage (1 processor is enough to run win XP)
  • Click next
  • Change the RAM size from the next screen. (Windows XP will run smoothly if you only selected 1 GB ram it’s enough)
  • Click the next until reaching to the ‘Specify Disk Capacity window’
  • Change the virtual hard drive size to run windows XP (15 to 20 GB is enough. This depends on your requirements and the things that you are going to do with the virtual system)
  • Select “allocate all disk space now” and “split virtual disk into multiple files” option for better performance. But selecting “allocate all disk space now” option will automatically write 15Gb or the size that you selected already, NOW. If you removed that tic, your virtual machine may slower but it’s only increased the disk size as your virtual machine’s disk usage.
  • If you selected store the hard drive into a single file option, it will help you to share your already installed system into another PC.
  • Click next
  • You can select the virtual hard disk location from this window, and it will help you to change location of the virtual disk image file. Because if the size of your virtual disk image is more than 50GB or higher than that, this window will help you to change the virtual hard drive creating location and move it onto another drive to save the storage of C drive.
  • Click finish and wait until the completion of virtual disk image creation process. This may take some time to complete if you have selected “allocate all disk space now” option because it’s going to write that much of a virtual hard drive now. 

Now open your windows features if the virtual machine is closed with an errors

  • Goto start menu and search for windows features
  • Open turn on or off windows features
  • And disable
    • Hyper-V
    • Virtual machine platform
    • Windows sandbox
    • Windows subsystem for Linux
    • Windows hypervisor
  • Press ok wait and reboot the pc
  • Then you will be able to run windows XP on your pc


  • Just wait until completing the process
  • Place the windows xp activation code if it ask you to enter the code

This process will automatically complete the installation of windows XP on VMware workstation




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