Vphone Gaga Android 10 – 64bit Lite Version with Magisk ROOT LSposed Playstore and Stable Mod Apps

 Vphone Gaga Android 10 – 64bit Lite Version with Magisk ROOT LSposed Playstore and Stable Mod Apps



What is VPhone gaga lite?


Simply V phone gaga is an android virtual system like Vmos, X8sandBox, Twoyi or F1VM. It will run in your device as an another operating system with giving you the full access to the magisk root xposed(LSposed) but without voiding the warranty of device and without modifying the original OS. It will not modify your system path.VphoneGaga will give you a very different and smart android experience with full features. It comes as an android 10 64bit operating system and if you are willing to use android 7.1 -64bit system, you can move to 7.1 from the setting.

This version is only taking 100MB from your device to the app. And full installation will take 2.6 GB after completing everything. It will save 3GB from your internal memory than previous one.




All download linkz moved to the middle of the post




Watch the video guide for A to Z undestanding












Video Timeline


00:00 – Introduction

01:09 – Vphone gaga installation guide

01:38 – Turn on data wifi on vphonegaga

02:12 – Login with google and playstore checking 

02:37 – Magisk ROOT installation to vphone gaga (one click method) and checking

03:53 – Magsik modules (Lsposed, Busybox) and other necessary apps – one click installation

05:29 – WIFI ADB additional ss power button wallpapers

06:43 – Move to android 7.1 – 64bit os

07:11 – Gaming settings and fake gpu device info settings for better gaming experience



Features of android 10 64bit Lite vphonegaga application?


  • Inbuilt root and magisk features with one click installation (watch the video)
  • It comes with android 10 64bit system and android 7.1 64bit system
  • No ads or qq login errors anymore
  • VIP unlocked and signature errors bypassed
  • Best and smooth gaming experience with FAKE GPU/ High FPS Mode and vulkan settings
  • Playstore google login work fine
  • Hide root with magisk (Some apps are not worked)
  • Fake GPU, device profiles and IMEI
  • Ability to change, reset main OS
  • Many more…



How can we install this application?


You can easily download and install it on your mobile from the following links. This version will on any device that has the mentioned requirements.






  • Atleast 2GB ram (maybe slow on your virtual system on 2GB ram)
  • 2.8GB free storage on internal memory
  • 64bit device (use 64bit checker to find the bit vesrsion of your android device )
  • Android version isn’t necessary


Install instructions


Join to the telegram channel of original owner from here for latest updates and more features of this mod vphonegaga lite version

OpenHob Telegram 

OpenHub GitHub


Download OpenHub installer directly (Magisk and modules one click installer) Download AIO offline installer directly (Install necessary apps like YT, Keyboard, etc..) Download oKey directly (wallpapers and wifi adb) Download all latest versions of above apps     


Are there any errors?


There are no any of errors. I have tested the application on myself. No force closing or restarting issues.


Data is not working/ wifi connecting fail

Watch the tutorial or read thispost






How to import our games/apps to vphonegaga?


  • You can download any app or game using playstore
  • Or else, you can import previously installed apps and games from the phone
  • Click on file transfer icon
  • Select your favorite games or apps and click import


Install OBB data files

  • Go to your original OS – and open the device file manager app or use xplorer app
  • Then go to internal storage – android -OBB folder
  • Find the OBB file of your favorite game (this will only work with original files application for android. That has access to system modification if that app can’t find the OBB folder, just give the system permissions from app info / If it’s not working you can use Xplorer file manager)
  • Copy the OBB file with its folder to another folder
  • Import that obb folder into vphone gaga using file import option
  • Now use vphone gaga files application or your favorite file manager on vphonegaga to place your obb files into vphone gaga’s obb location
  • sdcard – android – obb folder
  • Then play your favorite game







How to setting up vphone gaga gltools no errors

How to install games to vphone gaga with obb files









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