Http Injector Host Unlocking Tutorial for V2Ray – Vless Vmess Trojan


Http Injector Host Unlocking Tutorial for V2Ray – Vless Vmess Trojan


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Tutorial for unlock V2ray


Http Injector is a VPN software that provide free internet access in worldwide with a free SNI bug host. You can find these type of free internet hosts in various ways. Unlocking a working .ehi file is also a one way. Other than this, you can find a free internet host from.

Or following bellow tutorial



What is meaning of free internet is it true?

Most of the network providers of the world will give you the access for surf the websites like education or their home pages even without having any of data balance on your sim card. So, we can use this type of websites (Host addresses) to unlock the free internet access.

Other than this, some of network providers are provides the data plans for surf unlimited social media. So, we can use http injector to re direct these websites for unlock the access for browse free internet for any website or download anything from the internet without having any data or money balance on the sim card.



What is a locked config file of HTTP Injector?

It’s an encrypted config that comes with a SSH or V2ray account and a free internet host that I mentioned above.


Can we de encrypt that full config?

Not full config but you can get the free internet host out from the config. You need to follow the attached tutorial for unlock the config files of HTTP injector.


How do we know that unlocked v2ray host is working or not?

  • Simply open http injector (You should have a data and money zero sim card for better success. Otherwise, it will shows any host as an established one.
  • Now tap on Tools
  • Go to host checker
  • Enter the host into the box and enable test SNI option
  • Click on check option
  • If the host is working, it will shows a message like this. (You should have a data and money 0 sim card or a connection for better success. Otherwise all hosts will shows as an established one so this become useless. So use a sim without any data or money and with the unlimited social media plan or if it’s a zero data working website, no data plans are required)




How to create a new V2ray account with this unlocked host?

  • Reach to the following websites and create a Vless Vmess or Trojan vpn account and copy the account link
  • Now open HTTP Injector and tap on SSL/TLS – SSH option and change it to V2ray and save
  • Download v2ray plugin for http injector also if that application doesn’t already installed on the device
  • Tap on the 3-dot menu on the left-hand side and go to v2ray settings
  • Click the + option and paste the copied config there
  • If the config is port 443 TLS config, then enable the TLS tick and enter your free host into TLS SNI option and save
  • If the config is port 80 non-TLS one, enter the free host into WebSocket host and save
  • Connect and check whether the config is working or not




How to unlock root locked v2ray

Just unroot the phone for a while


Still the device shows my device as a rooted one why?

It’s because you have installed a custom rom


How to unlock expired v2ray?

Adjust the date of the phone for a while


How to unlock config without PC?

Use following tutorials. You can easily unlock SSL and Http proxy configs. But v2ray isn’t possible with those methods.




Can you please unlock for me?

Not at all. DON’T ever ask it. I’m not unlock any config for you. If you need, do it on yourself from following the tutorial.


WIFI network is locked by the config creator, what can I do?

1.Ask the config creator to not to block the wifi

2.Share pc connection to the phone through bluetooth or usb





Required files

For android

Http Injector

V2ray plugin for http injector



For PC

Wireshark advanced network capture 64bit direct download

Wireshark win 32bit or Mac, Linux– Download from the website


Please uninstall Wireshark after completing your work.Because it can manage, access and capture everything what you are doing on the PC and its full network

What are the applications do we need to uninstall?

  • NPcap
  • USBcap
  • Wireshark

Or you can select all ticks on the uninstallation process of Wireshark to remove everything



How to unlock host from mobile 

How to setup http injector

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