How to increase the performance and FIX sound errors of PS2 emulator PC / PCSX2

 How to increase the performance and  FIX sound errors of PS2 emulator PC / PCSX2


In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can increase the performance of PS2 PC Emulator and process of reducing the sound BUGS and crashes for high end games such as God of war.

Firstly, you need to download and install the PCSX 2 on your PC and import the game that you want to play. This tutorial will not explain that its only focusing on speed and stability increasing process.

You can download PCSX2 and bios from following links

PCSX2 Download

PCSX2 bios download


Watch this tutorial to see the performance of PS2 Emulator after changing these settings




  • 00:00 – Audio Video setting fix for PS2 emulator
  • 00:35 – Emulation setting for speed PCSX2 gaming stability
  • 01:30 – Graphics card hardware plugin setting for PCSX2 emulator PC
  • 02:55 – PCSX2 audio settings for fix sound crash
  • 04:20 – Additional speed up method (not stable & this lead to sound crashes)
  • 04:48 – PS2 gaming performance check
  • 05:20 – Testing pcsx2 internal video play
  • 06:39 – Testing gameplay performance of PCSX2
  • 07:54 – Final boss fight performance testing ps2 emulator


Specs of my pc

  • Vga 1GB
  • RAM 8GB ddr2
  • CPU Dual-core 2.33mhz


Close the PS2 emulator and open again after changing these settings

After following these settings, you will be able to set up ps 2 pc emulator to play any game very smoothly stably & without crashing the sounds

How to set up emulation settings of PS2 emulator

Open PCSX2 – Click on config – Video – Reach to emulation settings

Then change all these settings as follows



Now open other all settings of emulation settings one by one and reset all of them to the default settings.

  • EE/IOP – Restore default
  • VUs – Restore default
  • Speed hacks – Restore default


Then click apply and press ok

How to set up video plugin setting of PCSX2 emulator to work fastly with any game

Open PCSX2 – Click on config – Video – Then open plugin settings

In here you need to adjust all settings as follows to run any PS2 game fast on any low-end PC



Don’t change the shader and OSD configs

In my case, I don’t have a much stronger VGA card of gaming VGA. If you have a Gaming VGA card you can use following settings



Now click on advanced settings and set up it as follows



Then press ok to apply the changes

How to fix sound crash on PCSX2 / Fix sound glitches of PS2 PC emulator

Open PCSX2 – Click on config – Reach to audio settings – Click plugin settings

Now change these all settings as follows


Then click on advanced option and change all advanced settings also as follows



Now press ok to save these configs

Now you have successfully setting up everything on PS2 PCSX2 emulator to work more stably and fastly without any sound glitch on your PC even if the game is high end game.

Close the PS2 emulator and re-open it for see the performance of your favorite game

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