GL Tools Gaming Graphics Optimizer Direct installation on VphoneGaga

GL Tools Gaming Graphics Optimizer Direct installation on VphoneGaga

In this topic, we will discuss what is VPhone GAGA and how we can use this android virtual system to install and run any games without force closing and without facing a black screen with using the advance gaming graphics optimizer (GLTools)

What is VPhone gaga?


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VphoneGaga is android virtual OS like Bluestacks, Nox player. But the difference Is, it’s a virtual system for android that runs on android. VphoneGaga will run on your device as a second system but fully different from the original OS, with giving you access to the magisk root without voiding the warranty of the device. This application will never do any changes to the original OS. It will work on any device that has at least 2 GB ram and 64bit OS (Vphone gaga will run on any 32bit device, but this modified app still doesn’t have the support for 32bit devices).



What are the features of this application?

  • It has inbuilt root access, and you can install magisk root also
  • It comes with android 10 system, and you need to move to android 7.1 for install gltools
  • No ads and qq logins, this is a modified app
  • Best gaming experience with Gl tools application direct installation
  • Playstore and play services google login will work 100%
  • You can remove root/magisk any time
  • Fake device info/Fake gpu info and many more


Requirements to install this app

2GB ram and 64bit android 5.0 + device



How to set up Vphone gaga?

  • Firstly, you need to give access to vphone gaga for display over other apps
  • And then, you need to allow permission access to the app
  • Then it will automatically be installed on your device,
  • It will take some time to install in the first time, then it’s not take much time

How to import games to vphone gaga?

  • You can download games from play store
  • Otherwise you can import from already installed apps
  • Click on file transfer icon
  • Add your favorite game
  • Goto your original device
  • Open the device file manager or download xplorer
  • Then goto internal storage – android -OBB folder from xplorer or your file manager
  • Find your OBB file (this will only work with original files application that has access to system modification/ If it’s not shows the path, you can use Xplorer file manager)
  • Copy OBB file with its folder to another location like download folder or documents
  • Import the obb folder into vphone gaga
  • Now use vphone gaga file manager app to place your obb to sdcard – android – obb folder (inside of the vphonegaga)

How to setting up gltools inside of Vphone gaga

This video guide will help you to do this

What is GL TOOLs

GL tool is a very advanced graphic optimizing tool for android. It can fix all the apps force closing, GPU glitches, graphics errors of games. GLtools can make android games more fast, stable and smooth. This GL TOOL app we can’t find from playstore. And the developer stopped the releasing more updates for this. But still its perfectly work on optimizing the games.


What are the features of GLTOOLS

  • Replace your original CPU, GPU, and RAM info
  • The resolution, color depth, and anti-aliasing control of games 
  • FPS limiter to smooth game play  
  • Unlimited fps mode
  • FPS counter – on screen
  • Texture compression and decompression support
  • GLSL shader optimizer for games
  • Compatibility-increasing for games


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