Vmos pro android 9 64bit gltools playstore google login fixed gaming rom

Vmos Pro Android 9.0 64 bit GLTOOLs Pre Installed Gaming ROM by virtual tech world




Features of the ROM

  • Fully Optimized with GLTools library modifications
  • Google login errors of playstore has fixed and play services installed with gapps
  • This rom is only support for android 64 bit devices



Download link of the 9.0 64bit rom is added to the end of the post


Special thankz to
Norhazman Aeman for gl tools android 9.0 64bit binaries



Introducing Android 9.0-64-bit gl tools fully optimized game rom which perfectly works to play games. This Pie ROM is a heavy but smooth and stable ROM that support all 64bit android devices. Also, it will support for android 12 devices. If your phone doesn’t support Vmos, this rom also will not work. I have already installed android 9.0 64bit GL binaries to the rom directly. That’s why we can change gl settings of the rom and games. You can modify and manage the graphics or gl settings of games to run them on your device more smoothly and fastly without facing lagging or force closing errors.


Following video explanation will shows you the way that you can configure the rom with all games




If you really want to play your games with the optimized gl configs, you need to follow the video correctly. I have mentioned the steps and guidelines of using this advanced ROM. Because gltools library installation process and bug fixing of this android 9.0 64bit rom is a very complex and hard process. But I’ve released rom as a small file. So There are no hard steps for you to follow. If you really want to play the games with good, fast, and smooth gaming experience, try to install this rom.




You can also use this ROM to play your favorite games without using gl setting changes.



Why this ROM is perfect for game play?

  • GL TOOLS application will optimize the graphics settings of your favorite games
  • Playstore and all gapps installed and google login errors fixed
  • I have optimized this ROM for work as a high performance heavy and high-end support rom
  • GLTOOLS optimized android 9.0 64-bit OS will help you to play OPENGLES 3.2 or higher Games fastly and smoothly
  • Gameplay is very smooth than original releases of the rom. You can improve more with following the video instructions.
  • Successfully Bypassed the Library building errors and zip file creation errors of the GLTOOLS app. And directly installed the binaries to the main folder of the ROM with my past experiences about GLTOOLS.
  • OLD GLTOOLS app can directly increase the stability of games and prevent the games from force closing and lagging
  • GLTOOLS can fix graphic errors of games and black screen errors (not vmospro main application black screen errors) and improve the overall gaming experience.





How to install this ROM on your device and what is the unlocking password of the ROM?


Everything on the above video including the rom booting password.




How to unlock all  pro features of Vmos without using mod apps? – only valid 1day then you can increase it again




Register to vmos with a temp mail account and clear the all data of the app after ending of the 24 hour trial period (first of all take a backup of the ROM) and again register with new temp mail account. Then you can restore the rom



My vmos ROM is not installing when it reaches to 100% why? My ROM is not opening why?



Just close the app and re-open it will fix the issue




This is a 64bit 9.0 pie rom. But you all can install both arm 32bit and arm 64bit games on it


How we can enable play store and play services on this ROM?

No need to enable the gapps again. Because I have already installed all google apps and successfully tested the everything as you can see on the video




Download android 9.0 64bit gltools pre installed gapps rom


New update with ROOT Edxposed Gltools and playstore – reoptimized rom


Vmos pro mod apk



Download 7.1 64 bitgltoolspre-modified gapps ROM



Download 7.1 32 bitgltoolspre-modified non gapps ROM



Download 5.1 32bitgltoolspre-installed non gapps rom



All related tutorials for androidgltools without root










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