Magisk Xposed Framework for Samsung TouchWiz roms 5.1.1 to 6.0.1


Magisk Xposed Framework for Samsung TouchWiz roms 5.1.1 to 6.0.1

 Download linkz are on the middle of the post****


Sometimes this shows as xposed installed but not activated. But don’t worry you can activate any xposed module from module menu 100% working. If you have any boot loop issues, please download xposed module disabler from here and flash through twrp. Then enter to magisk remove this module and activate other modules and reboot

The APK is signed by ravo89’s personal key, you might need to uninstall other versions before installing the module and it will directly install the xposed framework application to the system. 

The binaries are identical to builds downloaded from official links of wanam (, with the exception that app_process* is patched with the following command:

sed -i ‘s:/system/xposed.propx0:/sbin/xposed.propx0x0x0:g’ app_process*

This module most likely will never get any updates in the future, since @rovo89 seems to have stopped development. This module is here for historical reasons. So, I modified this to Samsung TouchWiz devices 5.1.1-6.0.1



Installation tutorial




What are the requirements that you must have to install this module?


  • Deodexed original samsung firmware (Ater removing the gapps you can install them again from this link
  • TWRP or any other recovery
  • Latest magisk 24.3 or magisk 21.4 installed device
  • Magisk busybox module should be flashed before this




Which are the compatible devices for flash this module?

Any of samsung android 5.1.1 device or 6.0.1 device. Also its compatible borth 32bit and 64 bit devices.


How to install this module?

  • Open magisk manager
  • Goto modules
  • Click on install from storage
  • Select the module to flash
  • Wait until finish
  • You can reboot now or if you can clear dalvik cache its better
    How to clear dalvik cache too?
  • Press back button
  • Click on magisk reboot icon and select reboot to recovery
  • Goto wipe path and select advanced wipe
  • Select dalvik / ART cache
  • Swipe to flash without selecting other partitions
  • Reboot


Can I flash it through the recovery?




Can I use it without magisk manager?

No. Because it’s a magisk module


How much time will it takes to first reboot?

Normally your device should turn on within first 15min in the firstboot. Then it will take the normal time.



My device is auto rebooting what can I do?

Follow bootloop fixing steps bellow


I can’t boot into recovery what can I do?

Press and hold HOME+ VOL UP + VOL DOWN + Power Button until the screen goes black. As soon as press and hold the recovery keys, then your device will booted to twrp or the recovery that you have installed



Is this module systemless one?

No. It will directly flash the application and its libraries to the magisk mirrored system path and execute the commands as a 100% normal magisk module. But after flashing this you can’t hide xposed framework.



Download Samsung TouchWiz Magisk Module for android 5.1.1 to 6.0.1


BusyBox Magisk ZIP 


Bootloop what can I do? Do one of followings


Simply flash magisk module disabler through the TWRP or your recovery

This will again mount the device without loading the magisk modules. Then you can remove this module from the magisk manager. 




Or flash magisk module remover through the recovery

This remove all the installed magisk modules



And also you can flash magisk uninstaller

This will remove magisk manager and its all installed modules







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