Alternative Virtual Android Apps for VMOS or Vphonegaga

 Alternative Virtual Android Apps

What is virtual android?


Android virtual system means another operating system that runs inside of your original device. These virtual systems are work as a totally a different system from the original android OS. So, these virtual system developers can enable root, xposed, and other special features of your phone without doing any changes to the original OS.







Vmos Pro



Vmos pro is the best and stable android virtual system that works on android 5.1 to android 12. It supports for both 32- and 64-bit devices. 



Requirements for install vmos pro

  • 2gb ram and 2gb free internal storage



Features of Vmos pro

  • Virtual ROOT
  • Virtual Xposed – root mode
  • GApps – Playstore and all play settings
  • Dual rom launching supports up to 3 roms +
  • Install more than 1 operating systems
  • Device info changer
  • Stable and lightweight gaming support roms
  • Vmos has android 4.4 kitkat, 5.1 lollipop, 7.1 nougat, 9.0 roms
  • Wifi and adb
  • Ability to change and use a fake GPU profile


Download Vmos Pro – mod version or android 9 64bit support new version







This application is also an android virtual system that running under virtual disk image. So, its completely comes with the same technology of virtual box. However, this VphoneGaga virtual system will completely work same as an original android operating system. So it will reduce the ability of getting ban from your favorite games.



Requirements for install vphonegaga

  • 2gb ram and 2gb free internal storage




Features of Vphonegaga

  • Virtual ROOT
  • GApps – Playstore and all play settings
  • Device info changer
  • Stable and lightweight gaming support virtual system with 99% compatible system partition
  • Ability to change and use a fake GPU profile


Download VphoneGaga





Special Notes


I recommend this app to all gamers. Because it will protect your games from getting ban rather than other virtual OSes






Download and read all additional information from here








This one is also a same application as x8 sandbox. Only difference between these two apps is x8 is running under android 5.1 system and F1 VM has android 7.1 OS. Both of these systems have same features and problems as I mentioned in the video.



Download F1 VM









This is an android 8.1 64-bit operating system that running on android 8.1 to 12 devices. But most importantly this will work only on 64bit devices and its not support for play games yet.




Requirements for install TWOYI

  • 64bit device
  • 2gb free internal storage
  • Android 8.1 to android 12 device

Features of TWOYI

  • Virtual ROOT
  • ROM replace feature
  • Stable and lightweight gaming support virtual system


Download TWOYI


Download PlayStore supported and xposed installed version








Both apps are perfectly work on low end android devices and they are not asking for many requirements. So, anyone can follow these links to install these virtual systems on their devices




Vmos Lite


  • Android 5.1 system
  • No limitations
  • ROOT included and Xposed also can be installed

 Installation guide for vmos lite

Install gapps on vmos lite




Virtual android

  • ROOT included but there is no way to install the xposed
  • Android 7.1 32bit system


 Installation guide for virtual android




This post is prepared base on my previous experiences on using these virtual android applications.










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