How to install and run windows on oracle virtual box manager?

First, you need to download the latest version of oracle virtual box manager from following link. Then you can normally install it on your PC.     

DOWNLOAD oracle virtualbox manager

Link 1 – Select windows host for download

Link 2

After completing the installation process, we need to download the windows disk image file in according to the version that we need to install. In this guide I will explain the process of installing windows 7 on virtualbox. So, before going to download the windows disk image iso, you need to find the system type that you are currently operating. So, open my computer and right click on my computer or This PC. Then go to properties and find the system type. Now you need to download the windows 7 disk image file according to the system type that you have. Download windows XP 32bit Download windows XP 64bit Download windows 7 32bit Download windows 7 64bit Download windows 8.1 32bit Download windows 8.1 64bit Download windows 10 32bit Download windows 10 64bit Download windows 11 64bit 



How to download windows 8.1 10 or 11 from microsoft website?



Installing windows on oracle virtual box manager


Open oracle virtualbox application Then go to new option

If you can’t find the 64 bit version here, you need to disable hyper-v from windows features. (Seach for windows features and open turn on or off windows features. Then you can disable hyper-v)

Enter the name of your operating system and click on next (You need to check the windows version once again before continuing from here. Also, check the bit version. Otherwise VM will get compatible issues) Now select the RAM size for your virtual system 
If you have more than 8gb ram you can select 4gb as the RAM size of VM. But if you want to use both systems at once select 2gb for virtualbox. Other than this, if its windows 10 or 11 its better to have 4gb ram as the RAM size of virtual box. Also you need to consider about this green and red bar of RAM choosing window, because it will help you to select the smoothest RAM size for virtual box and don’t select the size exceeding green bar. Select create a virtual hard disk now and click on next. Or if you have a already windows installed .vhd file you can select it. Select VDI and continue    
When it comes to Storage on physical hard disk you can goto dynamic allocated method or fixed size method. 
If you selected dynamic allocated method, it would only take the disk size that you have used on virtual system. But this will decrease the real performance of your virtual machine. It will grow up with the storage usage but won’t exceed the limitation that you already selected. If you can select the fixed size method, it’s better to get the maximum performance from your virtual OS. However, it will take some time to create the virtual hard disk. What is the optimum size for you to choose as the size of your VM hard disk?
  • Windows xp needs 1.5GB for complete installation
  • Windows 7 needs around 20GB for complete installation
  • Windows 8.1 needs more than 20GB for complete installation
  • Windows 10 needs 32GB for complete installation
  • Windows 11 needs 27GB for complete OS installation. But its needed 64gb hard drive.

These are the allocated windows OS installation sizes for virtual box. But real measurements can be different than this. Also, the virtual box hard drive sizes must be chosen in according to the sizes of the software that you are going to install in virtual system.

Now select the hard drive size and click on create.
  Then click on the virtual OS and go to setting option.


Click system – processor and enable PAE/NX 

  Go to display setting and enable 3D acceleration

Then you need to increase your video memory up to green line 


Now go to storage option and select your downloaded windows 7 or any other disk image file into cd option on virtual box. 



Enable live CD/DVD option too

Then click on shared folder and click + folder icon
  Create a folder in a specific location on your PC to use are the shared folder.  

What is this shared folder on Virtual Box?

When we run two operating systems on a one PC, we can’t access to original system folders and files normally from virtual system. So, we need to have a proper way that we can share necessary files, apps between these two systems. In this case, this shared folder will help you to share your files between the operating systems Now select that folder and enable auto mount option (if you have make permanent tic, enable that one also) Now click ok and save everything. Then click on start button for launch windows 7 or other OS that you have installed
  Click on next (Here I have only giving instructions for install windows 7 but if you are going to try this on another system, then the process may be some what different than this.) Click install now
  Click I accept and next
  Select custom installation 


  Now select the drive and click drive options
  Click on new and ok then click again next for installation process.
  This will take some time to complete and your VM will restart several times until complete the process.
  Then enter a name and password and click skip for product key and windows updates. Also you need to adjust the time and date and select the network as Home   Then your virtual operating system – windows will be launched
  If you are trying to install windows 11 on virtual box without the minimum system requirements, then you have to face an error called unsupported PC So lets see how we can solve this windows 11 incompatible error on virtual box Go back to the 1st instance and press Shift + F10 keys together. This will open the Command Prompt (cmd) screen.


Now type regedit to open registry editor


Reach to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > Setup Right-click on the Setup folder and click New > Key then rename it to LabConfig.
  Now click on that folder and right click on the area that shown as bellow 

Then create following 32bit values

BypassSecureBootCheck BypassTPMCheck 


To bypass CPU check you need to reach this location and create following 32 bit value there

HKLMSYSTEMSetupMoSetup AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU Now double click on this value and change the value to 1

Now double click on each of above values and change their value data to 1 and save

Then installation process will start normally


Then we need to insert guest additional CD image to connect your shared folder to the virtual system.

To do this, firstly you need to,

Click devices option and select insert guess additions CD image
Open my computer and go to CD drive
  As the next step you need to open virtual box guess additions in according to your system requirements and complete the installation process 

Then it will ask you to reboot, and you need to reboot 

Then your shared folder will also appear on virtualbox manager 


Now you can share any file between your original system and virtual system using this folder

But you need to copy all files to your virtual system’s desktop before installing them. Otherwise, the process will fail or decrease the installation time. What is virtual box? 


  VirtualBox is an application that support to install and run more operating systems based on x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization products without removing or modifying the original system that you have already running. VirtualBox work on Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Solaris hosts and it’s supports for most of guest operating systems. VirtualBox can runs windows, android, linux, Bsd, Ibm, Mac and more operating systems as a guest OS. xxx Special features of virtual box
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox can be operated on a large number of 64-bit host operating systems and it can operate almost all the PC based operating systems.
  • Guest Additions
  • shared folders
  • seamless windows
  • 3D virtualization
  • It’s a free application and you can use all the features 100% free without a cost
  • They are still launch updates to virtual box at right time
  • Virtual box will run on any low-end PC that hasn’t much more requirements.


What are the best alternative applications for virtual box?
  • VMware Workstation Player
  • VMware Fusion/Pro
  • QEMU
  • Portable VirtualBox
  • Parallels Desktop


What are the key difference between vmware and virtualbox
  • VMware support and gives ease of access to their users but VirtualBox does not allow ease of access as compared to VMware.
  • VMware’s virtualization feature helps you to run multiple OSes in a single host. VirtualBox is an Oracle tool that provide host-based virtualization.
  • Vmware license needed app when it comes to use in business purposes, but mostly virtual box gives the full service without asking for payments.
  • Vmware will work on Linux, Windows, and macOS and virtual box can operate on Linux, Windows, Solaris, and macOS.
  • Vmware not an open-source tool but vmware is an open-source sofware.
  • Vmware is mostly use for enterprise and home purposes. But virtual box using for educational and private purposes.
  • Vmware provides virtualization at the hardware level and virtual box’s virtualization work with both hardware and software levels.
  • Vmware provides limited Virtual Machine encryption, but virtual box will provide Virtual Machine encryption with the extension pack.
  • Vmware supports for VMDK disk format and virtual box will supports for VDI, VHD, VMDK and HDD disk formats
  • Vmware does not offer any shared storage support but virtual box will provides shared storage support with NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI.




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