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I’m going to introduce an android 5.1 rom that perfectly work with almost all android games. And this ROM is a very lightweight smooth bug less ROM that supports any android device from android 5.1 to android 12. This ROM is coming with our ‘old hero’ library modifications. So, you all can modify the graphics settings of your favorite games to run them more smoothly and fastly without lagging or force closing.


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How is this ROM is properly working for games?



  • With the power of the GLTOOLS application that comes as a gaming graphics optimizer software for android.
  • And I have optimized this ROM for work as a lightweight ROM
  • ROOT and Exposed already unlocked
  • 32bit will help you to reach the maximum speed
  • High FPS mood tested and working properly
  • High graphics mood stability increased with the GLTOOLS library modifications
  • Bypassed the Library building error of GLTOOLS and successfully installed all required files directly to the rom with my past experiences and knowledge
  • This GLTOOLS app can reduce the performance drops of games
  • Ability to reduce graphics errors and improve the gaming stability with GLTOOLS full ROOT power without having real root, recovery, or magisk functions on your device



GLTOOLS or GLTOOLS Reborn / Gamers GL Tool / GFX are these all are doing the same job?



  • No

GLTOOLs is the first and old app that has come as Graphics modification and optimizer software for android with the system modifications. And this leads to the soft brick errors of most android devices in the installation process. Because it was launched for advanced users. So, google was removed their software from the play store since 2020.

Then, some developers have introduced some graphics optimization apps to the play store. But they haven’t used these library modifications. So then users haven’t faced boot loop errors anymore. But basically, this limited the good and needed optimization side of the GL Modification industry of android games.

Also, GLTOOLS has stopped the development with the releasement of android 10. Because google limited the ability to modify the libraries of android.

However, they have again launched a new release in 2021 that can work without modifying the android system. So, if you want to learn about it, you can refer to this tutorial.



How to install this ROM and what is the password or the ROM?



Everything on the following video. But you need to install an unlocked version of Vmos Pro on your device. You can install it by reading this tutorial.





How to unlock Vmos Pro features without using cracked apps


Register with a temp-mail account and clear the data after the end of the trial period and again use with a new temp-mail account.



My Rom is not installing after vmos.jason why? My ROM is not opening. How to fix these problems?


Go to app info and force close the app. Then launch it again. If this happens in the ROM installation process, you need to delete and re-install it once again.



How to add games to this modified rom and how to configure them to work with any android game?



Everything on the following tutorial. Just watch it. And also, it included the best gaming setting of GLTOOLS for this ROM. Both normal graphics mode and high graphics mode with HIGH FPS.

This is a 32 bit ROM and you need to add 32bit (arm) games to this rom.




How to enable play store and play services for this ROM?


Just click on GMS icon on vmos pro.


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