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Twoyi is a new android virtual system that operates a new android 8.1 64Bit Oreo OS inside of your android device with ROOT and EDXPOSED. But this app hasn’t GApps and Play Store features. So in this post, I will publish a modified version of the TWOYI app that has play store and play services. It’s tested and perfectly working. Also, this TWOYI app will support for any android device from android 8.1 to android 12 (only on 64bit).



TWOYI app was launched on the 6th of February in 2022 as an amazing GitHub project. And Twoyi was developed by Weishu (tiann). He is an android developer who already launched the famous Taichi app for work as an exposed framework for android without needing ROOT, recovery, or unlocking bootloader. I also used that Taichi app on my smartphone to link my game OBBs to external storage without rooting the device. Still many users are using the Taichi app on their devices.



This TWOYI project comes without G-Apps (PlayStore and Play services). And we can’t install G-Apps on Twoyi. But I have installed Play store and Play services with all components to this TWOYI application. However, the installation process is too hard. So, I decided to add all G-Apps into TWOYI and publish it as one application that comes with all Google Apps.



You all need to follow the steps of the video to work with TWOYI. Also, the file is a password-protected one. So, you need to enter the password before installing it on your mobile. Unlocking the password is on the video, you need to watch it to unlock the zip file. Then you can install it.


All Download links are added to the end of this POST


What are the new features of this modified TWOYI app?



You don’t need to ROOT your device or unlock the bootloader with a risk. TWOYI comes with inbuilt root and EdExposed features. Also, it has support for Tai Chi and you can use root features on root-free devices.



TWOYI comes as an EdExposed pre-installed application that supports almost all the modules.




TWOYI has partial support for Magisk modules


Virtual System 

TWOYI has a virtual android system that runs on your phone but differs from your original operating system. So, you don’t need to be scared to use this app. It will never modify the system of your phone. TWOYI runs on its own virtual system that locates on /data/data/io.twoyi/rootfs.



Android 8.1 64bit system

This is the best feature. Because we didn’t have an android 8.1 virtual system for android until the Twoyi comes.


Lightweight 8.1 64bit system 

It’s an android 8.1 64bit OS. But it only has a 260MB android system with play store and play services. TWOYI will smoothly run on any android device without slowing down your device or virtual system.



Easy to install and run

Only you need to do is install the application on your device and run. Then wait about 4-8 minutes until complete the first boot. Then app will close automatically, and you need to re-open it.


Play Store and play services

This modified version of the TWOYI app includes Play Store and play services. Other than that, it has an APKPURE app store too. You need to follow the video guidelines to work with it. And these GApps and PlayStore are properly working and tested live proofs on the video.


Download links

Downloading password is

Click here to download twoyi gaming emulator

Passwords for bellow apks are on the video

Direct Download Root support version (Without Gapps)

Download TWOYI with all GApps (Working & tested) – watch the video for password




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