What is Android Recovery and how I can find a custom recovery if it’s not available for my device?

What is Android Recovery
Original device recovery
Custom Recovery – TWRP
Recovery is a third-party kernel like your original recovery that your device manufacturer built for device updates and the device reset process. But that third-party recoveries are very advanced than your original recovery. Those recoveries can easily ROOT your phone with Magisk manager zip. Other than that this kind of recovery can,
Features of a custom recovery
  • Backup everything of your phone (System / data / cache / Dalvik cache / Phone memory etc)
  • Install custom ROMs (These ROMs will help you to upgrade your old phone to the newest android version)
  • Format everything of the phone ( System path also can be formatted 😂 )
  • Fixing issues of the permissions or boot
  • Partitioning SD cards
  • Increasing or repartitioning system path
  • Changing the partition format ( Ext2, Ext3, Ext4)
  • Fixing boot loops

Famous android recoveries list

  • TWRP
  • OFRP
  • SHRP
  • PBRP
  • RWRP
  • CWM
These recoveries should install according to the availability of these recoveries to your phone

Disadvantages of using a recovery

  • Your security level of the phone will become to zero if you didn’t encrypt your phone data
  • Anyone can access your phone and its all data easily, without knowing your password or fingerprint lock
  • If the recovery provider doesn’t give a password or pattern your all data will be in a great danger
  • Anyone can format your phone easily
  • Anyone can steal your data without your permission
How to install a custom recovery on any android device?
Installing a custom recovery on android is very different from one device to another device. You can’t apply the same method for all android devicess.
  1. From Android 5.0 and lower versions of android devices can be installed a custom recovery in two ways.
    • Installing custom recovery without a pc – Using software like Flashify
    • Installing custom recovery from pc
  2. After android 5.1 and later versions of android need a pc for this process and also you might need to unlock the bootloader or OEM before going to do this. It also depends on the device that you are using.
How I can find ways of installing a custom recovery on my device if it’s not available?
  1. Firstly it’s better to search on YouTube.
  2. If you have a Samsung t285yd – galaxy j max tab, you need to search like this TWRP recovery for Samsung t285yd.
  3. Because mobile manufacturers are making lots of devices with the same name. So, the only different thing is basically this device number (t285yd
  4. You can install a custom recovery on your device if it available on youtube
  5. But most of the time we can’t find a tutorial for our device
  6. Then you can search on Google and find a working recovery.
  7. Most of the time XDA gives the best answer for these types of problems
  8. But in this case, you may have a problem of finding the way of installing a custom recovery on your device. 
  9. In such a case you can find a device with the same config that has the same manufacturer (if the manufacture is Samsung you need to find the same manufacture developed device). 
  10. And same android version (if your device is android 5.1 you need to find that kind of another device)
  11. In this way, we can get a 95% success rate. But we need an unofficial TWRP recovery file, (if it’s not available on the official TWRP page) and also a good tutorial that has the same specification to your device.
    • As an example, one of my followers installed TWRP recovery on his Moto g5 (s) plus device following my Moto G5 Plus custom recovery installing tutorial.
What are the things that we must consider when we’re trying to install a custom recovery on our devices?
  • The first thing is to take a full backup of your device. Because it has a 99% success rate to be formatted your full device in the process of installing a recovery. So take a full backup of your phone memory (photos, videos, documents, files), apps, and data. Data can be signed to Google.
  • Be ready for boot loops. During the process of installing a custom recovery,, you might have to face boot loop or soft brick errors. So, it’s better to find a way of installing the official ROM for your device before flashing a custom ROM.
  • Enable developer mode and OEM unlocking. Basically, this is a hidden setting of all android devices. So you need to open the setting and find the build number (search on settings or it’s on about device or software info options.) Tap several times on it until it says Developer mode enabled. Then back to that option and enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking. But OEM unlocking option is only available in some devices like Samsung.
  • Unlocking bootloader. If your device is a newest android device, you need to unlock your bootloader before flashing a custom recovery. But most of android manufacures are closed their bootloader unlocking code providing services when it comes to 2021(Huawei stopped this service)
Can I build a TWRP recovery for my device? Twrp porter for android Mediatek and Spreadtrum devices.
Yes. there are lots of devices that support to build TWRP recovery. The only thing you need to refer a good tutorial. Then you can do it. But this method is only supported for the devices that has MediaTek (MTK) and Spreadtrum processors. You can find your CPU model from installing CPU-Z. And if you followed this process correctly definetely you can make your own TWRP recovery img.
Boot loop? Brick on boot screen?
If you installed a TWRP or another recovery file that has not compatible for your decice, or if you followed a wrong way of installing a recovery you may have to face boot loop errors of TWRP stuck with display problems. Then you can try to boot with removing the battery or pressing the reboot keys of your device (Reboot keys is depend on the device most of the time it should your Power + Volume down + Volume UP press and hold these keys together about 10 to 20 secounds . Then your phone will be rebooted / If your device has a Home key you need to press that one also)
After rebooting process still you can’t boot into your phone, you need to re-flash your original stock firmware again. If its a samsung device you can flash recovery img and fix the problem.
So this is the end of this tutorial. Thank you all for reading this. If you have any problem comment bellow.
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