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Closing your payment profile will permanently removes your all payments information from and you can’t re enable the payment profile from that google account once again. But some times when you are trying to close your payments profile its end up with an error called payments profile close error. So, in this post I will explain how you can get rid from this kinds of errors and how to close your google payments profile without any of errors.

If you close your payments profile, you can’t do following things from your account.
  1. Buy things from Google Play or other Google products
  2. Use Google Pay to make purchases
  3. Send or request money with Google Pay or Gmail
  4. Store gift cards, loyalty programs, and payment info
  5. View your transaction history
After closing your profile, you must create a new payments profile if you want to buy Google products and services or receive payments from Google once again. You can easily create a new profile by buying something from Google or by signing up for a Google service that pays you.

So firstly lets see how we can find this payment profile close option from our Gmail account easily.

  • Login to your google account and click on the profile icon that located in the upper corner of right hand side
  • Now click on manage your google account option
  • Now reach manage payment methods option
  • Then click on settings and scroll down
  • Now you can see there is a option for close your payments profile.
  • Then click on it and enter your password to close your payments profile.
  • But if you are using a web browser like firefox you need to turn on the popup access for google to confirm the password
  • If its success your payments profile will be closed permanently

But some times this will not work if you have connected to many google services such as adsense, admob and google ads (may be many more). So in such kind of situation, we need to close or disable our admob, adsense and google ads accounts to re enable the access for closing our payments profile. But its has a bad side effects like, if you have closed your admob account you can’t re enable it and it will disabled permanently.

So you can easily close your admob and google ads accounts from login to those accounts and reaching the settings. But some times google adsens will not support to close once again. Then we need to follow some important steps once again.

you can’t currently close this adsense account error fix

If you have received this kind of error when you are trying to close the adsense account you need to close your admob account firstly. Then your problem will be fixed after refreshing the page. If the problem still on the same stage, you need to find out whether if you have received not accepting website or YouTube monetization failed errors to your adsense account. So you can’t close your adsense account when it has received a this kind of errors.

Then again you need to request for review your website or youtube channel. In the meantime you can close your adsense account and your adsense closing button will appear again as you can see on the video that I mentioned above.

Closing google ads account – you can re enable it once again

Closing admob account – you can’t re enable it

Requirements for closing your adsense account

  • To permanently close your AdSense account, you must be an account Administrator
  • If you also have an AdMob account, you must close your AdMob account.
  • If you also have an Ad Manager account, you must close your Ad Manager account.
  • If you also have a YouTube account, your YouTube account must be approved.







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