Install apps games and OBB files to vphonegaga

How to install apps games and OBB files to vphonegaga without downloading them once again from playstore

Watch this tutorial if you need a video guide
Firstly you need to identify the bit version of your phone. Because vphonegaga is a different system. So if you installed a different bit version application, you need to download your applications or games once again.
Install this application and identify the bit version. If you have 64bit os then you need to install,
If you have a 32bit phone, you need to install 
And also, if your device is a 64-bit one you can install both of vphonegaga apps. But the problem is your applications needed a 64-bit supported operating system. So you need to install a 64bit one. If you have a 32bit OS, you can’t install the 64-bit version of vphonegaga application. 
And then you need to open vphonegaga and complete the startup set-up from allowing all permissions which they ask.
How to turn on mobile data for vphonegaga?
After this, you need to create apn accounts in vphonegaga to allow that application to connecting internet.
  1. Open setting(not the sys setting)
  2. Click on more
  3. Open cellular network
  4. Goto access point names
  5. Click on plus button to add a apn account
  6. Enter apn name as default
  7. Enter same name to APN
  8. Click the 3 dot menu and save all the settings.
Then your mobile data will be turned on.
How to install XAPK/ SPLIT apks on vphonegaga?
Then we need to identify the application or game whether it’s a normal apk or xapk. If it’s a xapk/split apk you need to install SAI application to backup that game or application and install it on vphone gaga.
Now install this to your phone and vphone gaga using the import option. And then open it from your original device and click the backup option. Now in here, it will show all split/xapk files that you already installed. If the game or application that you need to add into vphonegaga is shown here, you need to backup it to a folder. And then import that backup file into vphone gaga. And then open SAI from Vphonegaga and install that split/xapk on to vphonegaga
If it’s a normal apk you can easily add that one into vphone gaga from import option.
How to install OBB files and DATA files on vphonegaga?
Now we need to install xplorer application to backup our OBB and DATA files into another folder. Because, when it comes to android 11 and latest versions, we can’t access to our data and obb folders using 3rd party applications. 
  1. Then open and give all necessary permissions.
  2. Click on internal storage and goto android/OBB folder
  3. Then if it’s asking for the permissions, you need to allow them
  4. Now select and hold the OBB file that you wants to add into vphone gaga and click copy to clipboard
  5. Now paste that file into another folder like alarms
  6. Open vphonegaga and goto import option
  7. And then add that OBB file from that alarm folder to vphonegaga
  8. Then install xplorer on vphonegaga and pick the OBB file from the documents folder and move them into Internal storage – android – obb and to the folder that has already created with the name of your game
  9. If that folder doesn’t exists run the game and see
Some games are using not only the OBB file but also the DATA folder. In such a case you need to add both of OBB and DATA files to vphonegaga and try again.
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