Create All in One Social Media Video Downloader and host your website free hosting and free domain

Create All in One Social Media Video Downloader and host your website 100% free with free hosting and free domain

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My official website – Video downloader website
Features of this website
  • 4Anime Video Downloader
  • 9GAG Video Downloader
  • Akıllı TV Video Downloader
  • Bandcamp Music Downloader
  • Bilibili Video Downloader
  • Bitchute Video Downloader
  • Blogger Video Downloader
  • BluTV Video Downloader
  • Break Video Downloader
  • Buzzfeed Video Downloader
  • Dailymotion Video Downloader
  • Douyin Video Downloader
  • Espn Video Downloader
  • Facebook Video Downloader
  • Febspot Video Downloader
  • Flickr Video Downloader
  • Gaana Music Downloader
  • Homepage
  • IMDb Video Downloader
  • Imgur Video Downloader
  • Instagram Video Downloader
  • Izlesene Video Downloader
  • Kwai Video Downloader
  • Likee Video Downloader
  • Linkedin Video Downloader
  • Liveleak Video Downloader
  • Mashable Video Downloader
  • MXTakatak Video Downloader
  • Odnoklassniki Video Downloader
  • Periscope Video Downloader
  • Pinterest Video Downloader
  • PuhuTV Video Downloader
  • Reddit Video Downloader
  • Rumble Video Downloader
  • Soundcloud Music Downloader
  • Streamable Video Downloader
  • TED Video Downloader
  • Terms of Service
  • Tiktok Video Downloader
  • Tumblr Video Downloader
  • Twitch Video Downloader
  • Twitter Video Downloader
  • Vimeo Video Downloader
  • Vkontakte Video Downloader
This all-in-one social media video downloader will build your dream website 100% completely. And it helps you to download any video from 40+ social media websites easily. And it’s completely free.
Can I make money with AdSense using this script?
Yes, you can. But you need to identify whether downloading from these sites is legally approved or not. Then you need to remove Adsense banned downloaders from the contents page of the site admin panel before applying for Adsense. It’s all up to you guys. Think study do a small research and find out. As an example downloading videos from youtube is prohibited. So you need to remove that option from the admin panel before applying for Adsense. Or you can remove yt downloading files directly from the file manager of the C panel of your website.
Is this 100% free with a custom domain and hosting?
Lifetime free with domain and hosting.
Can I add a custom domain?
Yes, definitely you can use a custom domain if you are interested and if you want to promote your website.
Who is the cheapest custom domain, provider?
You can get a custom domain easily with social media offers. Or search on youtube. But you must care about the renewal fee. Otherwise, you can move to another domain provider after ending of the first year.
In my case, I have bought a .com domain from
What’s the password?
It’s in the video
How to add this website to google?
  1. Login to your google search console account
  2. Now submit your site url into 2nd box (only if you using free subdomain)
  3. Now download the html file
  4. Then upload it to the Cpanel file manager htdocs folder ( If it failed to upload, Just create a file with the same name. Then open the html file and copy the text and paste it on cpanel newest created file and save)
  5. Then click on verify
  6. Goto your property
  7. Submit your sitemap (sitemap.xml)
  8. Sitemap link should be as above one
  9. Click on submit
  10. And then copy your site URL and paste it on the link option and press enter and click on request indexing to submit the URL
  11. After 3 – 6 hours your site will appear on google
You can modify this website from Cpanel
SSL certificate fix (Not in the video)
  • Sorry guys I have forgotten to add this part to my video. After 5/6 hours you can see an install icon on your SSL certification option. Then click on that option.
  • Now click on show icon and then you can get this key and certificate
  • Now go to this path – Control panel/ SSL-TLS/ paste your private key and certificate here. like this
  • Paste private key and upload
  • Paste certificate and upload

  • Now login to site admin panel
  • Goto general settings
  • Change http to https
    • eg:- >
  • Save and refresh the site
Now all are finished you have successfully launched a free online video downloader with SSL support & zero cost. 🙂
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Download the website – Password in the video don’t ask me again and again
7zip download – Only if you cant extract the 7z





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