How to activate two-step verification to whats app


Activating two-step verification to your WhatsApp account will help you to protect it from hacking and account fishing. After activating two-step verification to the account no one will be able to use your WhatsApp account even if they have your sim card. Because every time when you are going to login to WhatsApp with the mobile verification code, they need to enter your two-step verification into your account. WhatsApp added this awesome feature to their app for protecting their users from the unauthorized hacking process.


Steps of activating two-step verification to WhatsApp

First step
Open your WhatsApp application & click on this 3 dot menu

2nd step
Then click on the setting option
3rd step
Goto accounts option on the WhatsApp settings
4th step
Now click on two-step verification
5th step
Then go to ENABLE option and enter your password (Six Numbers) & then confirm it. Again you need to enter your email address (If there is a problem with your password or if you forgot it, this email address will help you to recover your account. So you need to enter a working email address otherwise it may be a problem when you are going to reset the two-step verification)
Last step
If you came here, passing the previous steps you have successfully activated two-step verification to your WhatsApp account.
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Other than this you can also enable fingerprint lock watch this video
Why do we need this kind of protection on WhatsApp & how much important is it?
Enabling two-step verification and fingerprint protection to WhatsApp will gives a 3rd party protection to your WhatsApp account and its data and messages. Because no one will be able to dig into your private messages on WhatsApp without your permission. People have so many duties to cover within a day with their busy schedules. So they don’t have the time to think about these additional security factors. But these are very much important steps. Because in the current world information is a one of a most important factor. And other than that whole success & secrets of organizations are depending on these matters. So, data protection is a very much important factor.
But not only customers’ attention but also developers must try to understand their role to give their maximum protection to their customers with the world’s latest security protections. However, everything on the internet is not 100% safe because viruses are also upgrading alongside the newest security updates. So everyone must take their own responsibility to protect themself on the internet. One way that you can protect yourself is, you must remember not to give the verification codes to anyone, and you must not allow anyone to use your device if he or she isn’t a well-known person, other than this you must not click on the unidentified links from your friends. So these are the some of steps that you can get avoid hackers.
Other than this there is a most important thing which I need to tell you all, No One should save their valuable passwords, credit card information to your web browser. Because hackers can easily dig into your browser cache and steal everything that you have in only one second.
Now I believe you all have a better understanding of WhatsApp two-step verification and passwords protection.

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