how to open ehi file | How to unlock root locked and expired ehi files of http injector

How to open ehi file | How to unlock root locked and expired EHI files of HTTP injector



This is not a process that I can explain with a post. So you need to watch the full video to understand how we can unlock a host from the locked .ehi file. My videos are consist of so many steps. So skipping the video will you will miss the best part and you won’t be able to unlock the hosts from the config file.


This method will only UNLOCK the HOST you need to create the payload on your own. If you don’t know the way of creating payloads using an unlocked host please refer to this WATCH



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And other than this if the captured host is an HTTP host ( you can identify this from checking the method of our host checker application. It will appear with your host) you need to create a payload and go with that method.
If its an SSL host you can go for the SNI method or v2ray method
But if it’s a v2ray config file you can’t unlock it using this method. This is only supported for SSL and HTTP locked config file unlock. 
Other than this, you need to watch the full video to get all the 3 parts of unlocking passwords. And if you commented the password in the comment line you can get an immediate ban from our channel. If you can’t open the file, you need to download RARapp to your phone from the play store. Just simply search and install.
This V phone gaga application will only work with devices that have 2GB or higher RAM. So if you don’t have such a device don’t try this method.
Sometimes application root disables option will not appear. So then you need to shutdown it and start with a working connection and wait about 5minutes and try again. If it’s asking for an update skip it.
There are two alternatives that you can use for this process. Both of them are working perfectly. But if you don’t have a 4GB RAM device or if your device doesn’t support for 64Bit, I recommended using the 32Bit version. It will support any phone.

  • RAR – Download
  • Host unlocker and Its permission file (Ha cker 007) – Download
After finding the host address of your locked ehi file please remove the certification file that we added to the settings. You can simply remove that from the user certification option of the setting. Because this permission can track the things that you doing on the internet. So we need to remove it after doing this for further security of our data.
And I can guarantee its not harmful to do the job but after that, it’s better to remove it from your device.

Steps if you can’t find where it located
  • Goto setting of your phone
  • Click on security settings
  • Click on encryption and credentials
  • User credentials should be there
  • If it’s not there click on clear credentials
  • or Search on setting app


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