How to setup HTTP injector in all ways SSL/TLS Http proxy V2Ray | Create locked ehi free internet

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00:00 – explanation01:00 – types of connecting ways and required applications03:07 – SSH connection to free internet04:09 – How to create a account on tcpvpn and how to import them to http injector07:55 – How to connect with v2ray free internet08:10 – How to create a v2ray account on fastssh and how to add them to http injector10:21 – How to connect to free internet through http proxy11:26 – How to generate a payload for http injector 13:10 – How to create a locked .ehi file to share with your friends16:12 – How to import – add locked ehi file to http injector
How to find a free internet host Watch here
Http injector download from here
V2ray Plugin for http injector download from here
Http injector lite for 1gb ram devices here
Create a V2Ray account from here
Create SSH accounts from here

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Free internet with HTTP Injector

Browse free internet with HTTP injector is not much easier or harder than you think. But if you need to do this, you need to find a free SNI bug host. If you don’t know the way of finding a free SNI bug host, you can easily follow my video tutorial and find it.

Http Canary



Other than this you can find a free SNI bug host from this website. But the problem is this site shows almost all the free SNI bug hosts. So, if you need to find bug hosts from here you need to unlock all of the SNI savers and check them one by one. In here if you activated an unlimited Facebook data plan, you need to test the SNI hosts relating to This is the most important step for browsing the free internet.

HTTP Injector Secure Shell (SSH)


In this part, I will explain HTTP Injector in two different ways that we can browse the free internet.


TLS/SSL (Stunnel) SSH Free internet settings for HTTP Injector


  • In here you need to select Secure shell – TLS/SSL from the Tunnel Type menu and save it.
  • Then enter your free SNI bug host into the Saver name Indication option that we find from the following above tutorial.
  • Now click on 3 lines on the right side
  • Then you can select a saver from the savers option
    • Choose an any country
    • Select a saver and connect
  • Then click on start and give VPN permission
  • You can check the success rate of connecting from log option
  • If its success you can see a key icon on your notification bar
  • If it’s failed to connect you can change the saver and check

How can we get 100% success rate from this SNI, HTTP proxy or V2Ray methods?

  • Firstly, you should have a sim card with zero data balance with zero money balance
  • And you should activate an unlimited data plan
  • Then you need to find a free SNI host
  • Then click on the tools option
  • Click on Host Checker
  • Now enter your host (eg:- here
  • Check your host with SNI mode / or if you are going to connect with HTTP payload method then don’t put the tic for test sni
  • If it success you can use this host for browse free internet


Before going to http payload method, I should cover these necessary steps


Connecting to free SNI or HTTP proxy through a VPN account

  • Firstly, you need to click on the location mark below the saver name indication
  • Then press ok and it will direct to savers
  • Now click on Use the default saver provided by the config
  • Now again open the left side menu
  • And click on SSH settings
  • Here you will be able to see some options and here is the location that we need to import our VPN accounts
  • Then connect from your web browser
  • Select ASIA or the location that you need to create a VPN account
  • Select a country
  • Select a saver and click on create a username password– these savers are not work sometimes so you need to select another one if one saver does not work
  • Then enter a name password as your wish
  • Click on Im not robot and verify it
  • Click on Create premium VPN account option to create a account. Then your account will be created
  • Now copy these details one by one and insert them into the injector
  • But this port is a most important one, because this is a main reason for connection fails.
  • Use port as 444 or 555 if it’s a tcpvpn account for – SNI saver name indication
  • Use 443 if it’s from another site – SNI saver name indication
  • Use 22 as the port if you are trying to connect with HTTP payload method
  • Now back and click on start if its saver name indication method
  • If you are tying with HTTP payload method you need to copy your VPN account IP address and you need to add it into remote proxy option. Paste your IP into proxy ip and paste port as 80
  • Now click on save and connect.

How to connect with HTTP proxy free internet?

  • Connecting to the HTTP proxy is somewhat advanced than the SNI method.
  • Firstly, we need to open the left side menu and click on the payload generator
  • Now you can see this kind of a page. In here you need to enter your free HTTP bug host that you tested with host checker.
  • Now you need to change enable or untic these options one by one and click on generate payload to check whether the method is working or not. Here you need to enable Online host and keep alive options. Other than this, you can enable back query and check. Other options are depending on your ISP.
  • When it comes to here, it’s better to enable debug mode until finding a working payload. Because it’s very helpful to generate a payload.
  • Then enter your IP into Remote proxy as I mentioned above. Other than this, your SSH port must be 22 and Remote proxy’s port must be 80 otherwise it may be 81, 3128.
  • These remote proxies aren’t available if you are using inbuilt savers of HTTP Injector. Only need if you have imported 3rd party VPN accounts.
  • After successfully connected to a saver you can close debug mode again.

How to connect with V2Ray free internet with HTTP injector

  • And then you need to choose V2Ray method from stunnel menu
  • Then copy generated URL for port 80 (sometimes port 443 will work sometimes 80 will work. It’s depending on the host and your service provider)
  • Now open left hand side menu and go to V2ray settings. Then click on + Icon and paste your URL here. If it’s port 443 URL (only if its) you need to enable TLS and enter your SNI address to this place.
  • Now back and connect. In here your every SNI will be connected. But you need to check whether the connection is working or not from browsing the internet.
  • So, when it comes to here, I have explained every way that you can get 100% working free internet from this HTTP Injector software. But I haven’t explained shadowshocks because it’s not worked for me. And I didn’t wasted time on that.
  • With this, I’m moving to explain all the options of HTTP injector link will be updated soon and there you can find How to create a locked ehi too.

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