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In this tutorial, I will explain what is GLTOOLS and how we can use it without root?

So firstly, it’s better to watch this video. It includes all the steps of installing GLTOOLS without root on V phone gaga

What does this application?

GL tool is a very advanced graphic tool for any android mobile. It can fix all the force closing, exiting, graphics errors of android games. Other than that it can speed up the slowest android games. This GL TOOL is not the one that we can find on the play store. That application does smaller modifications to your games. But This version of the GL tool is the oldest hero of the android graphics industry.

Can we run it without ROOT?

I can give you the answer in two different ways. However, we can run this app without root on our mobile with the lowest functionalities. When it comes to high-end devices it’s ok. But if you don’t have that kind of device it’s the worst try. Because when we are going to run it without root it’s not much stable and most of the functions of that application will not work properly. You can see it in the video.
When we are going to run GL TOOLs without root, we need to run it through virtual root supplying applications such as,
  • Vmos
  • Vmos pro
  • Vphone gaga
  • X8 Sandbox
And the problem is, You are going to speed up your game and make it easier by giving more works on your smartphone. Especially on your RAM. So it’s better to have original root access to get the ultimate benefit from this application.

Features of GL tools

  • Replace your CPU, GPU, and RAM info to get better graphics for high-end devices
  • The resolution, color depth, and anti-aliasing control in any app
  • FPS limiter and unlimited that lets you unlock full FPS in any supported game
  • FPS counter – on screen
  • Texture compression and decompression support, even if your GPU doesn’t support the format used in the game
  • GLSL shader optimizer
  • Compatibility-increasing features
  • This application will give you to run some older games on a modern device



How you can run it on your phone?

  • Rooted mode. This is the best way.
  • Virtual machine mode. The mode which we discussed in this topic
  • Virtual space mode. I recommend this if you don’t really have root access. Requires a virtual space with a debuggable flag set, those virtual spaces are usually called “optimized for GameGuardian”. 

Will this brick your device?

The answer is No. Because these applications are run as another system which runs inside of original system like Bluestacks, Nox player, Windows subsystem for android
So I suggest if you want to really run it without root use Virtual Xposed 

Further, if you like to use it on V phone gaga or other applications you can continue.

Vphone gaga download links
If you don’t know the bit version of your mobile you can identify it from installing this application
Installing instructions and the way of setting up are included in the video tutorial.
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