http injector alternative for pc | Free internet for Bluestacks Nox Memu or subsystem | Fixed Http Injector force close on bluestacks


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When it comes to app players like Memu, Windows subsystem for android, Nox, Bluestacks we can’t use HTTP Injector. Because it’s automatically force closing. So we need to use an other application which support for free internet to overcome this issue then we can gain free internet for those android app players.

1 Anonytun

Anony tun is the best application for any android app player to gain free internet on it. This application support for gain unlimited free internet without needing to create free internet accounts or adding them. Because it have free internet savers. Other than that anonytun has a torrent saver and gaming saver. We can use both HTTP method and SSL method on Anonytun.

2 Http Injector lite

This application also a lite vertion of Http Injector main version. But this application doesn’t have inbuilt savers, V2ray function and host checking host share functions. Its a limited version of Http injector. But it has both SSL and Http free interner support with manual VPN settings.
This application also not support for some android app players.

3 SocksHttp

This is a light weight free internet support application. But it has so many functions to connect internet with SSL method. Also it has HTTP method too. It will work on any android app player without any of errors.The installation process of this application also same as HTTP Injector

How to find a Host for browse free internet

There are two ways to find a free SNI, HTTP orV2ray bug host for your country and also to the service provider which you use.
As the first method, you can refer to the following video and find a free SNI, HTTP, or V2ray bug host for connecting to the free internet.
Other than this you can connect the following site and simply find a free host. But this method is not working properly if your country isn’t listed.
  1. Connect to this site – link 
  2. Click on find sni
  3. Now you can see all the free hosts that use by the clients of worldwide. These are the free SNI buggable hosts that we have found from watching above tutorial.
  4. But all of these hosts are not works with you service provider
  5. You need to click on these SNI names one by one and identify which is the suitable host for your country, your service provider and also in accordence to the unlimited data plan which you activated.
  6. And then, you can add that host into your free internet application and check whether those hosts are works or not
This method is suitable for the guys who can’t deal with the above steps. But I recommended you to watch the above host finding tutorial. Because everything that you need to know about the free internet hosts are included in that video.

How to set up these Http Injector alternative apps for free internet

HTTP injector is not much stable application. and it needs so many specs to run on your device. So I have created this tutorial. This will help you all to find a best and 100% working free internet and gaming vpn. If you like to read and refer this tutorial follow this link.
http injector alternative for pc
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