How to create a locked ehi complete http injector tutorial

What is HTTP Injector?

Simply meaning of the HTTP injector is it’s a VPN. But this is a very different one among other VPNs. Because it has so many functions. Including,

  1. Inbuilt VPN savers
  2. Options for choose tunnel type
    • Secure Shell (ssh) – TLS/SSL (stunnel) or HTTP proxy mode
    • Shadow shocks – This will not be explained here
    • V2ray
  3. Custom payload
  4. Payload generator
  5. HTTP proxy and proxy authentication
  6. Check IP
  7. Manual SSH settings
  8. Manual V2Ray settings
  9. Log and Debug mode – Very helpful to the persons who testing free SNI hosts.
  10. Host checker
  11. Host share
  12. Plugins
  13. Apps filter
  14. DNS changer
  15. Proxy routing
  16. Dark/Lite theme support
  17. CPU wake lock
  18. Header replacer
  19. Battery optimization
  20. Network speed checker



Other than this, the HTTP injector is the most famous application that we can use for browsing the free internet. So, in this article, I will mainly be focusing on it rather than other options. Click This link to find how to connect free internet with HTTP injector

Create Locked EHI file and import/export EHI files to HTTP Injector

  • Click on file icon on right hand side upper corner
  • Now click on EXPORT config to create and save your locked config to a folder and share with your friends 
  • Enter a name for your config
  • Now select SSH / V2ray and shaowsocks
  • Now enable lock and prevent from editing
  • Click on general and enable tic for all options
  • if it’s automatically removed, its because you didn’t setting up those things
  • Click on secure shell and tic all
  • Click on v2ray and tic all
  • Now open extra and put the tic as your wish
    • Enable root lock
    • Set expired date
    • Disallow torrent all are there
  • Now enter your message to the users who using your locked ehi config
  • Save it like the above image
  • Test your config before sharing with anyone
How to import locked EHI files to HTTP Injector?
  • Click on 3 dot menu right hand side upper corner and clear all the data
  • Then again click on file icon and go to import config option
    • Find .documents/http injector or HTTP injector folder here is the place where that your config is located
  • Select it to import
  • or just click on the ehi file and it will be opened from HTTP injector


Inbuilt VPN savers

You can find this from the left-hand side menu of HTTP Injector. And these are very helpful for you to connect and browse free internet without creating VPN accounts from TCP VPN. These savers have supported SNI/HTTP and Shadowsocks methods. But still, they haven’t any V2Ray configs inbuilt.      

Tunnel type

You can find this from home. And this will help you to select the way that you need to connect with

  1. Secure Shell (ssh) – TLS/SSL (stunnel) or HTTP proxy mode
  2. Shadow shocks – DNS/TLS-stunnel/HTTP-obfs/TLS-obfs
  3. V2ray

Custom Payload and Payload generator


The payload generator can be found on the left side menu. It will help you to generate a custom payload for connecting free internet with the HTTP proxy method. Custom payload is the one that will allow you to bypass your service provider’s firewall to connect to the free internet.




HTTP proxy and proxy authentication

The HTTP proxy address should be the one that you created with your TCP VPN account. This will only be necessary if you are using a 3rdparty VPN account for HTTP injector in the HTTP Proxy method. Also, If you have added another IP like anonymous IPs, you need to enter this auth name and password too. But why should we go that much far? When we already have easy ways. But this is also a very important one when your country hasn’t on the list of TCP VPN accounts and you need to browse free internet with a host from your ISP ( like ISP’s home page) you can add a TCP VPN account and you can add an anonymous proxy for your country and you can browse ZERO balance and 100% perfectly working free internet. But this is not stable. But again, why should we go that much far? 😊

This is really, advanced than you think


Check IP

Helpful for you to check whether your IP is changed or not


Manual SSH settings for HTTP Injector

Also, the left menu and its help you to add accounts to the HTTP injector. If you want to know how to add manual SSH configs read this article.

Manual V2Ray settings for HTTP Injector


This will also help you to add and set up V2Ray, trojan, Vmess, Shadowsocks, Socks, VLESS accounts to HTTP injector and setting up Injector for V2Ray. If you want to know how to add manual V2Ray configs read this article.

Log and Debug mode and host checker


Very helpful to the persons who test free SNI hosts. Enable and check the log and see what will happen. The host checker explained already.


Host share

  • This will also a very important feature of http injector. It will help you to share your free internet access to PC or another device with hotspot feature without root.
  • Open TOOLS menu and find tethering tools.
  • Select host share click on start Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Click on hots share
  • Now connect to your hotspot from PC
  • Open proxy settings from searching on windows settings
  • Select manual proxy setup
  • Edit and turn on the tic from entering the IP address and port provided by the Injector Step 3
  • BOOM you have successfully connected then browse anything

DNS changer, Proxy routing, and Header replacer

  • DNS changer will allow you to use Google DNS or custom DNS to increase connection stability.
  • Proxy routing is better to have its
  • Header replacer will be helpful in the HTTP payload method. If your payload gets 302,404, errors it can be replaced with 200 to bypass the error. But it’s not much help.

Plugins and apps filter

  • Plugins are plugins :v like V2Ray plugin
  • Apps filter will help you to skip the applications that can use your connections from the HTTP injector.

Battery optimization and CPU wake lock


  • Turning battery optimization off will help you to prevent your device from closing the HTTP injector when you turned off the screen.
  • And turning on CPU wake lock will prevent your phone from entering to sleep mode or closing HTTP injector in the automatic battery saving mode
  • Both options will help you to download larger files from turning off the screen
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