Windows subsystem for android install with magisk root playstore on any of unsupported pc easily

If you are going to do this for 1st time you need to follow these steps before installing the following exe otherwise it will not be work

Installing these files will fix the errors when you are going to flash android subsystem windows. But some users may not be able to install some from these 3 files. But it’s ok you can go ahead and install your subsystem application 🙂 These are some fundamental apps that help the android subsystem to work on your pc.


What is the android subsystem for windows?

Android subsystem for windows is an android app player that helps you to run android applications with windows 11. This is very similar to the android app players such as Bluestacks, Nox, or Memu. But still, we can’t play much more games with the android subsystem for windows. Microsoft plans to give this ability when it comes to 2022.
Does it have play store and google services and root access?
If you installed the original version of the windows subsystem, the answer is no. But if you installed the following one it has already added google services, magisk root, and google play store.

What the alternative they use in here as a solution for play store

They have added the amazon app store to the windows subsystem for android. But still, they haven’t launched it globally. So you need to have a US amazon and Microsoft account to download apps from that store. But if you downloaded this app you won’t face such kind of errors. Because we have play store.

Windows subsystem for android install with Magisk root play store on any of unsupported pc easily

How to enter bios on any pc

In order to access BIOS on a Windows PC, you must press your BIOS key set by your manufacturer which could be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DELETE. If your PC goes through its power-on self-test startup too quickly, you can also enter BIOS through Windows 10’s advanced start menu recovery settings.

  1. Enable virtual machine platform and hypervisor platform and disable hyper v from windows features
  2. Restart your pc and enter to the bios
  3. Enable virtualization from bios
  4. Enable developer mode from setting
  5. Uninstall WSA – if you have already installed
  6. Install the file 
  7. If you cant boot WSA you need to restart your pc
  8. Follow the video for more information
If your subsystem android doesn’t install open windows terminal as administrator and paste this
add-appxpackage – register “C:WindowsSubsystemForAndroidAppxManifest.xml”
and hit enter
But this doesn’t work if your pc doesn’t have 8 GB ram or if your CPU doesn’t support virtualization – there are some old cpu like my one which doesn’t support for virtualization even if we enabled it from bios and windows features. Because they only have the basic things from the full virtualization support.
This file was locked and the password consist of 3 parts. Because some folks think the file is enough and no need to watch the video. So after downloading and the file doesn’t work then they click on the unlike button and ask from my group, again and again, the same thing. 
But my tutorials are consist of lots of steps. So now you all can watch the video and follow the steps also find the 3 parts of the password. 😑
Download the file from my telegram group if you have telegram
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