Windows insider program minimum requirements not available error fix | All update errors fix win 11

This video and tutorial will guide you to get the latest updates of Windows 11 and install them without any errors. And also it will show how to join the windows insider program from an unsupported pc ( which doesn’t support for TPM secure boot ram )
Watch the video otherwise I’m not taking responsibility 
Create LabConfig folder and add the followings
(Dword 32bit)
  • BypassSecureBootCheck
  • BypassTPMCheck
  • BypassRAMCheck
Add this one to MoSetup
  • AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU
Change all values to 1 and save
Required files download from here
Password-protected link
Password is = Virtual Tech World Youtube
When it comes to the installation process of windows 11 insider preview 10.0.22499.1010 kb5008400 or
Windows 11 Insider Preview 22504.1000 (rs_prerelease) turn off all the data connections
If you facing this problem on further updates you need to again replace the .dll file into that folder which I’ve guided in the video
If you can’t find the sources folder join the dev channel from running the cmd and try after checking the updates
Why do we need updates for windows 11?
Windows 11 is the latest Microsoft windows os. It was officially launched on the 5th of Octomber of 2021. So still this OS on the development process and updatings for windows 11 wasn’t fully completed. It needs time. Device to device should have some necessary steps to be done which come with the hardware resources. So we need to completely update our device to the latest version if we received an update. But when installing windows 11 on the devices that it officially blocked from updating to windows 11, Microsoft will block you from receiving future updates.
So If you updated or if you installed windows 11 on a device that haven’t all the requirements to install windows 11 will block you from updating it more.
Other than this Microsoft have launched a new updating process for the devices that haven’t the minimum requirements for install and run windows 11. With this you can update to windows 11 without any error.
Why we need to fix update errors of windows 11
If you installed windows 11 on a device that haven’t the minimum requirements to install and run windows 11 will block you from receiving future updates for windows 11. So we have to face a error named update failed. Secure boot, ram, tpm or unsupported cpu likewise. So I have ceated this tutorial mainly focusing on two reasons.
  • To help all of you to join windows insider program
  • To fix the all update errors on windows 11
So if you followed this tutorial correctly, you should able to join any channel of windows insider program and fix all issues of windows updates of windows 11. Then you have to replace that .dll file on your source folder in every time when you received an update. First part of the video will show how we can ffix update errors of windows 11. And secound part will shows how we can join to windows insider program.
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