v2ray for pc | v2ray pc | V2Ray Free internet For any windows user – Specially For Windows 11 and 10 with Trojan Vpn method

v2ray for pc | v2ray pc | V2Ray Free internet For any windows user – specially For Windows 11 and 10 with Trojan Vpn method
Previous V2Ray – VMESS-VLESS method will not work on some Windows 10 and 11 users. So I decided to create this method. Watch the video to better understand.
Trojan VPN savers for V2Ray
  • GOTO this site
  • Select a country
  • Create a VPN account by entering your BUG host, username, and password
If you don’t know the way of finding an SNI bug host please follow this tutorial
  • Copy 1st link and import it to the V2Ray application
Password-protected link – watch the full video to find unlock code.

What kind of method of this?

Free internet means in here is connecting to the internet through the SNI bug host of service providers of a country. Every service/network provider has SNI-free buggable hosts. So we need to find one for this process. If I mentioned the simplest meaning for these hosts, these are the web addresses which we can connect and browse even we don’t have any data or money balance. 
As an example for these kinds of websites, we can take the service provider’s main website. But most of the time these are highly monitored or they have blocked the VPN access.
So if we don’t have that opportunity we need to connect free internet in a different way. For this, we need to activate an unlimited social media plan.
  • Unlimited Facebook WhatsApp plans
  • Unlimited YouTube plans
  • Unlimited educational plans
So then we have the access to that website even we don’t have any data or money balance on our sim card. Then we can use this website to unlock the internet for connecting any website or downloading anything from the internet.

What is trojan VPN?

The trojan VPN is an unidentifiable technology for bypass the GFW. When a trojan VPN client (V2ray) connects to a server, it will perform a real TLS handshake. If the process succeeds, all coming traffic will be protected by TLS. Otherwise, the server will close the connection as any HTTPS server would.
Other than this we can use this simple SNI modification to the V2ray VPN client to act as we are browsing the site that we activated the free internet plan.

Is it safe to use?

I’m not recommending these VPNs as a good way that we all can hide our true details to be anonymous. Because we are directly connecting to a network provider who we really don’t know. They can use our non-encrypted data for any purpose. No one will give free services to us if they haven’t benefited from us. In this century INFORMATION is the most important thing to the world. So how do we know?
All installation and setting up processes are included in the video
How to find a FREE SNI HTTP BUG hosts for free internet
  • Connect to the following website
  • Click on Find SNI
  • Now you can see lots of hosts addresses there
  • You need to check all of these hosts according to the unlimited social media data plan which you have activated
  • If you have activated a WhatsApp data plan you can check WhatsApp hosts
  • You can’t get 100% perfect results from this. But most of time this will also work like the video that I made for this topic
v2ray for pc | v2ray pc
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