Pixel plus UI Custom ROM Moto G5 Plus Android 11 | Upgrade moto g5 plus to android 11 arm64 aarch64

If your phone isn’t booting or it’s restarting automatically without power on within 10 minutes
follow these steps,
  • Press volume down + power key together as soon as your phone is powered off (or press vol+ vol- and power key until it came to black screen mode and follow above step)
  • Then your phone will boot to TWRP and then go to wipe and advanced wipe then choose format data and type yes on the terminal
  • This will format your all data including phone memory but phone will be ok
Download Pixel UI Plus custom ROM for moto g5 plus
Steps for downloading the rom
  1. Click on this link
  2. Go to downloads
  3. Select Moto devices
  4. Select Moto G 5 Plus (potter)
  5. Click on download build
  6. Go to files
  7. Select PixelPlusUI_3.10_potter-11.0-20211008-1527-OFFICIAL.zip v3.10

If you are interested,

What is PIXEL UI
Pixel Ui is an awesome custom ROM that consists of almost all the features of android 11. It has great support for android 11 with a 64-bit system. Their improved UI is a very awesome and attractive design when it comes to the Pixel ROMs. Other than this, I have seen the difference in the pixel UI ROMs. These fonts and font colors are very much awesome. And it’s a cool and smooth os to do your everything in one custom ROM.
Who are PPUI Developers?
They are a small community of XDA developers that passionate about custom ROM optimization and development related to security and other features. They optimize Google Open Source codes for seamless experience & security as well as customize for launching a custom rom
Features of Pixel UI
  • They will launch new updates for your rom to the last version of android with all the security updates
  • It’s a customizable os that we can change most of the UI features as our wish 
  • Fast and smooth UI experience 
  • They have implemented most of the features to moto g5 plus that we haven’t received with the original os
  • You can directly join their telegram group and contact the developer for bugs
  • Almost they have custom ROMs for the following devices and they are trying to add more
Bugs of this rom for moto g5 plus
Bugs are depend on the device and rom that you are using.
  • Photos that we have taken from the original cam doesn’t support for sharing with WhatsApp
  • Flashlight (original camera) not working properly when we trying to focus on a paper
  • Virtual machines can’t run properly (vmos/vphone gaga)
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