Free internet kali linux | free internet linux | Free internet for linux with qv2ray trojan vpn | How to connect free internet on linux mint / ubuntu

After setting up you need to exit from the qv2ray app before adding the trojan VPN account to the qv2ray app. Otherwise, you can’t connect or import accounts. So please exit from the app from closing and exit from the system tray (Right-click on the taskbar icon and then you can quiet)

Sometimes this VPN does not work. then you need to add another saver or change the port number to 443 or 80.

If you don’t know the way of finding an SNI free internet support bug host, please watch my previous tutorial from here

Password-protected link password is = techworld9x Download the zip file

Create a howdy trojan VPN account from here you can create an account by simply entering a user name password and your SNI bug host

If you are interested in free internet on windows or android please watch my previous tutorials from here
Browsing free internet on Linux is not much easy and also not much harder. It all depends on your ability to get free internet work. If I mentioned the steps which we need to follow for setting up our Linux PC to free internet,
  1.  Firstly you need to have an android mobile. Because we need to find a free host for browse free internet. So if you don’t have a free host you need to find a free buggable host using an android phone by following the tutorial which I mentioned above.
  2. And then you need to have a dual-booted PC or Linux-only PC. If you are going to do this inside of a virtual box it’s all up to you. And I can be guaranteed you will succeed if you have the ability to import files to a virtual box 🙂 it’s also easy 
  3. As our next step, you need to have a sim card that doesn’t have money or data
  4. Then you need to download all the necessary files and install them on your pc by following the video.
  5. This free internet method is very advanced. So I’ve mentioned how to set up v2ray, how we can create and add accounts to the v2ray application, what are the necessary steps we need to do to the system likewise so many small – small steps are included in the video.
  6. So if you really want to do this definitely you need to watch the video and follow the video guide correctly.
How we can find free internet-accessible SNI bug hosts without having an android phone
You can find free sni hosts by reaching the following website. But most of these kind of hosts are not work properly. Because these are gathered from their target VPN customers from whole over the world. So you need to add these hosts one by one to your v2ray settings and check whether the hosts are working or not. 
But you should try to check the hosts according to the data plan that you are using. So if you activated a whatsapp data plan you can check the hosts like or 
Free SNI bug host provider – LINK
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Free internet kali linux | free internet linux
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