2021 – TWRP and magisk for Samsung j106h – Samsung galaxy j nxt prime | How to root Samsung J next

 2021  TWRP and magisk for Samsung j106h – Samsung galaxy j nxt prime | How to root Samsung J next

Steps for flash TWRP and magisk root on j106h – Samsung galaxy j nxt prime Video guide

• Goto setting and about the device

• Then goto software info

• Tap on build number until unlocking of developer mode

• Go to developer options

• Turn on OEM unlocking on your phone

This makes it possible to overwrite the recovery partition, so this is the first step that you should take before rooting your android phone, or before installing a custom ROM.

You may have a setting in the developer option allowing you to allow the bootloader to be unlocked. If you move this to yes, then you can use ADB to unlock your bootloader, but this doesn’t really serve any purpose unless you plan to do something else with it.

If you flashed a custom recovery, you can see a nice welcome message named CUSTOM recovery blocked by FRP until flashing original rom once again lol :v

• Also, turn on USB debugging

• Power off your device

• Press and hold Power key + Volume down key + Home key until the download mode appears on the screen

• Now continue to download mode

Install Samsung USB drivers on your pc

Open Odin app

Add TWRP recovery to AP partition

What is TWRP – Twrp is a modified recovery image file that allows you to do the modifications to the original system partition of any mobile. You can use these custom recoveries for backup current rom, install a custom rom that allows you to update your old mobile to newest one, Root your device and remove root, and overclock, partition sdcard, fix file system errors without pc, change boot image to another version or modified one, likewise you can gain so many advantages from TWRP recovery.

But when it comes to the original recovery of any android only does a small job than a custom recovery. If we take it as a percentage of 10% so you can see the difference.

• Go to options and turn off f.reset time and auto reboot

• Connect the USB cable to phone and pc

• If your phone is connected to the Odin it will show the phone as COM

• Press start and wait until a green message will appear

• Then remove the battery

• Press and hold Volume down + Power key and + Home key

Then flash your Magisk zip for rooting your phone

Now reboot and install Magisk apk

What is magisk manager and what is it do? Magisk manager is the latest android rooting application that allows you to gain root permissions to your mobile. But this is a very advanced application than super su because it has inbuilt functionalities to hide root from detection and work as a systemless module. Magisk has a module manager other than the root permission. This is the safest way of rooting any mobile in 2021. But the latest updates after 21.4 aren’t compatible with android 5.0 and 5.1 devices. So if you want to gain root access you need to flash 21.4. flashing the latest version 23 or 22 will brick your device until reflashing of 21.4 or otherwise, it doesn’t give the maximum root support.

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