How to unlock HTTP injector config file | How to unlock EHI file | SKS HAT SIP ASHT file unlock 100%

Watch this tutorial for a better understanding
This will only work on high-end Android devices that mean at least you need to have a 2GB ram smartphone. If you don’t have, you can’t run Vphonegaga on your phone. So, it’s not my fault do not click on the unlike button because this tutorial still works 100% perfectly(2021/11/6). Other than that, if the captured host is an HTTP one you need to set up and go for the payload method if it is an SSL host you can go for SSL or V2Ray.
You can unlock both SSH and HTTP ehi files using this method. If you can’t identify the host correctly, you need to check the method that capturing in hosts. In there you can see some requests with SSL, SSH or HTTP. Most of the time, if your ehi file is built with the proxy method it should be an HTTP one. If its an HTTP proxy ehi file you can unlock the full HTTP payload in capturing mode like this
Connection: Keep-Alive
But you need to know, your host is only. We can’t use an unlocked payload as it’s. So, then you need to enter that host into the payload generator and build a new payload.
If you don’t know the way of setting up an HTTP injector, you can refer to this tutorial.
Also if it’s an SSL host you can see the host like the above green panted one. So, then you can easily add it to the HTTP injector and create a payload.
What we do after finding the free internet host?
After completing your job, you need to remove the certificate file from the setting. Open setting and go to previous path and tap on user credentials to remove the permissions. Otherwise, simply tap on the clear credentials to remove all user certificates. These certificates can be used to track our activities. So you need to remove them after the job is done.
If your config file is a V2ray one, you can’t unlock it using this method. You can identify the type of your config file from the tunnel type option. This option is located below the start button.
Sometimes your created config will not work because internal savers of the HTTP injector are too slow. You can add new gaming savers from tcp VPN. Creating and importing process of also included in the above tutorial.
Hacker 007 and certificate file
Password-protected file
Password – techworldytbypt
you need the RAR app to extract this you can download it from Playstore if you haven’t
V phone gaga
Select bit version and download otherwise it won’t be installed.
you can simply identify the bit of your phone from this application. If you have a 64-bit phone download the 64bit version, if your phone doesn’t support 64bit then download 32bit.
Or you can use the Vphone gaga app which I used. it’s a 32bit one download it from here
If your config expired or root-locked one, you can follow this tutorial to unlock it.
How to connect free internet on windows watch here   How to connect internet free on using android watch here
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