Fixed recovery boot fail error | TWRP not loading after flashing a custom ROM | stuck on fast boot
Why Motorola is stucking on boot screen or TWRP logo after flashing a custom rom.There could be various reasons for this. Mainly your custom ROM isn’t compatible currently with your device. Otherwise, it may be a problem with your data cache and Dalvik cache partitions.
After watching this tutorial, you will be able to fix all boot stucking errors of android. But this video is specially for advanced users that have the basic knowledge of what they are doing. This process will format your internal sd card and data partition..
You can download Motorola usb drivers and other related drivers from here.
This is for Motorola devices. If you want to  use this on another device install drivers firstly

How to fix Fastboot not working on your cmd or PowerShell

Fastboot not recognize by any command fix
When I’m trying to do this once again I had to face some errors so I decided to add an update log to this post I think it will help you all too
Windows 11 is launched in Oct of 2021. So it may have lots of bugs and difficulties when we try to do this process. So we need to fix these errors before going to do this process.
  • Download platform-tools zip from this link
  • Password is VirtualTechWorld
  • Then extract it to local disk C
  • Open your windows search
  • and find advanced system settings
Click on environment variable
Now click on path and click on edit
Click on new and paste this
Press ok and save all
Then Close your terminal and re-open by right-clicking on the start menu. Now you should be able to enter fastboot devices command without any of errors.
No errors but my device not showing in the terminal when I entered fastboot devices command. How to fix it?
Search for device manager and open it
Click on other devices and find your device
Right-click on it and select update drivers
Click on browse my computer for driver sofware
Now select let me pic from the available drivers from my computer
Click on show all devices and click  on next
Click on have a disk and goto browse option
Goto platform-tools that we extracted to local disk C and open new folder that included in platform-tools select android_winusb file
Click on open and click on next
Then click on yes and click on install. 
Now your all problems will be fixed. So you can run fastboot devices and see your device will be added or not. Also now you can follow my video and do that steps to fix your Motorola custom recovery stucked errors boot stucked errors.
Further if you have errors of formatting cache, dalvik cache or data you can goto wipe option on twrp and select them one by one and click on fix file system. This will fix those partition errors also.
So this was a very bigger explanation. I believe you will appreciate if this helpful.
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