Best alternative apps for HTTP Injector | Fastest smooth and light weight free internet apps

Best alternative apps for HTTP Injector | Fastest smooth and lightweight free internet apps

Timeline of the video00:00 – Introduction about the video00:50 – How to connect free internet using Anonytun and how to setup Anonytun stealth settings03:15 – V2ray fast ssh, How to setup v2ray on mobile, Fastest free internet with v2ray android05:22 – How to setup Sockshttp, How to connect free internet from using Sockshttp09:29 – http injector for low ram devices, HTTP injector lite apk
How to find a free internet host
You can find a working free internet host in a two different ways,
  1. You can watch this video tutorial and find a free host. 100% working – watch from here
  2. Otherwise, you can find a free internet host from this website
    • This website provides free internet support SNI addresses. So you can get a working free SNI bug hosts from their website. But they are providing all the SNI hosts that people use to create SNI accounts on their main saver. So you need to identify and check all the hosts to identify which is the host working properly for your country.
    • Connect to this website
    • Click on find sni
    • then you can came to a page with encrypted page with hosts 
    • You need to complete those steps and find a working SNI host
Gaming V2Ray savers – Fastssh
Gaming VPN savers will help you to stay connected with their improved connection without losing the PING of your favorite games. And also these savers are good for streaming videos.
Gaming accounts will be mentioned in the description


Anonytun is one of my favorite and lightweight free internet applications and it supports connecting to the free internet from using a free internet host. Also, Anonytun comes with gaming and torrent savers. You don’t need to manually import VPN accounts to use anonytun. Because it came with inbuilt VPN savers.
You can install it from play store or download it directly 
V2Ray – Fastssh
Fast ssh’s v2ray application is also a good and fast lightweight app for your low-end mobile. It will run smoothly on any device. This application doesn’t requires any plugins but you need to create and import vpn accounts to this.
Create free v2ray accounts from here
V2Ray download from play store
V2ray download from direct
Sockshttp is also a good fast and smooth application which is similar to HTTP Injector but you can’t get that many of options from this. This application will also support for SSL protocol option (TLSv1, 1.1, 1.2, and SSLv3)
Not only SSL but also you can connect to free internet using HTTP method from this application.
Download this from play store

Http Injector Lite

This application will also be a similar app for HTTP injectors but with limited functions. No inbuilt savers you need to create VPN accounts and add them into the setting. This application will run smoothly on any mobile that has limited ram.
Download it from play store or directly
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