Free internet kali linux | free internet linux UBUNTU or any of LINUX based system

 Free Internet on UBUNTU or any of LINUX based system | How to connect internet without data UBUNTU

How to connect to the internet without having any data balance on your sim card?
Before going to do this you need to have a free host. You can find a free host from watching the previous tutorial which I have already made for finding a free host from using your mobile device. After watching the tutorial and finding a free host you can continue from this tutorial. And also, this method on not only for Ubuntu users but also for any Linux users can refer this tutorial will be helpful and useful to connect to the internet without having any data balance on your sim card.
Okay, guys then you need to reach this website and scroll down then you can find the access option. Just click on it and you need to download the v2 ray Linux 64 bit zip file. And also, you need to reach this website and you need to download this qe2 ray 2.70 app.
How to create a VPN account?
Then you need to search v2ray fastssh on google. After that, you can reach that website and also then scroll down and choose a server and create a VPN account fro following the instructions. Also, you need to place your SNI bug host also here.
How to find an SNI bug host for free internet?
Then copy port 80 one and import it to Qv2ray application. If you cant run that application, you need to enable permission to run it as an application from file properties. Then import the vpn account into the qv2ray application.
Then open your device setting and search for the connectivity checking option and disable it (only for Ubuntu).
Now extract the v2ray zip file and you need to add extracted files to the specific folder that I explained in the video.
Now open the qv2ray application and go to the preferences option. Click on the kernel setting and click on the check v2ray plugin option. If you have successfully installed the plugin following the video you will receive a message like this.
Now goto following settings and setup them correctly. Come to general settings and setting up it as follows.
Inbound settings should have as follows.
Do this to your connection settings
  • Now press ok to save these settings and double click on your config file to connect free internet. Then your connection will be started.
  • If you want to exit from this VPN, just right-click on the qv2ray system tray icon that appeared in your taskbar and exit.
  • This method is not working if you don’t have an SNI bug host that you can use to browse free internet.
  • This will also work on virtual box applications. So you need to add the necessary files to that virtual machine. I have only tried this with a dual-booting system.
I have guided the way of installation and how to download these files in my video    V2Ray zip QV2ray How to find a free internet host Watch here   Create a V2Ray account from here     Other than this following tutorials for your purpose 🙂   How to connect free internet on windows watch here   How to connect internet free on using android watch here  

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