Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 Windows 10 on MBR without losing data

Dual Boot Ubuntu with Windows 10 on MBR without loosing data | How to install ubuntu on windows 10

What is dual booting a PC?

The simplest meaning of dual boot is install and run two operating systems in a one computer. As an example, you can install both windows and linux on your PC. 

Will this format my PC? No. But need to follow the steps correctly. Can I install Linux alongside of windows without losing data?

Yes. But it depends on the way that you are following to install linux alongside of your windows. 

Is it gives the same user experience that comes with installing linux in a virtual box?

No. Virtual box is only providing the basic and limited functions of linux. But dual boot means linux will comes to the main os like windows (but you won’t lose windows). Also, it’s 100% faster than virtual box.

How can I install linux alongside of windows? Watch the video if you needed a clear understanding.

  1. Download following files
  2. Rufus
  3. Ubuntu image download 20.04 because 21.04 isn’t worked on MBR (in my case)
  4. Run rufus application and give admin permission
  5. Insert the pen drive to your pc and backup all the data of included the pen because this process will totally format your pen
  6. Now your pen will detect by rufus
  7. Then select the ubuntu 20.04 image iso file
  8. Select MBR on partition scheme
  9. And press start
  10. Sometimes they need to download files around 1 mb. So, you need to connect to the data while making the bootable pen.
  11. And it will ask you to format your pen. If you have backed up already you can select yes.
  12. Then your bootable pen drive will create within next 10 – 20 min (This time is depends on the speed of your pen)
  13. Now restart your pc and boot into bios. But the way of connecting to bios are different from PC to PC
  14. To access BIOS on a Windows PC, you must press your BIOS key set by your manufacturer which could be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL. In my case it was F2 key. You may have different one.
  15. If your PC is power on too quickly, you can also enter BIOS through Windows 10 advanced start menu recovery settings. Or press f2 key continuously during powering off process.
  16. Now go to boot options on bios and find set boot orders. Now select your pen drive using arrow keys and take it into first option from using f5 and f6 keys. Then press F10 key to save and exit.
  17. Then press any key to boot from pen if its asking to press
  18. Wait for completing the checking
  19. Select your language and click on install ubuntu
  20. Click continue
  21. Click normal installation and continue
  22. Then select install ubuntu alongside of windows 10 and continue
  23. Select the disk image size for windows vs ubuntu basically 30gb is enough for install and run ubuntu on your PC. But if you wish to add more you can increase the size.
  24. Continue and select the country
  25. And then enter your name and passwords
  26. Now continue and wait until completing of this process.
  27. Now I can boot into both windows and linux. You can choose the OS that you need to login on booting screen.




Rufus Download

select 20.04 version

Ubuntu download

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