Fix all Motorola BOOT/SYSTEM image VALIDATE errors without losing data and without flashing firmware


After watching this tutorial you will be able to recover all the data of your motorola device without flashing stock firmware again in a case of boot recovery images validation. It will help you to fix your all boot image validate errors, recovery image validate errors and system image validate errors on any of motorola devices. 


Download these files and install adb fastboot and drivers on your pc.
You need to find a custom rom for your device to fix this error.
How to fix motorola startup fail errors without losing any of data and internal memory on your mobile
When you are trying to turn on your phone or boot into your recovery mode you can see this error message called startup fail. Its because of your recovery boot image is invalid so we are going to fix this error without using the rescue and smart assistant which comes to Motorola devices.


  • Download Motorola USB drivers, fastboot drivers and TWRP recovery image for your device
  • After downloading those things you need to install fastboot and Motorola device drivers on your PC. 
  • Then you need to search for adb on start menu and find adb.exe now right click on it and click on open file location option 
  • Now we have on the adb location now you need to paste your TWRP recover image here. 
  • Then press left shift button on your keyboard, and right click on the folder. Now you can open command window here. 
  • Now you need to boot into fastboot mode from your phone
  • After turning off your phone you can press your power key and volume down key to boot into your fastboot mode on your motorola device 
  • Type fastboot devices on terminal
  • Now your device will shows on terminal (you need to unplug all the other android devices from your pc before going to plug this device)
  • Type fastboot flash recovery and drag and drop your TWRP image here
  • Eg :- fastboot flash recovery C:adbrecovery.img
  • Now you can normally boot into your recovery mode without facing that error.

But still our problem isn’t over. We need to take a backup of our internal memory, apps, data, and all other related things. But you can’t take a phone memory backup from using the the backup option. So, you all need to backup of your internal memory using the file manager of TWRP.


Backing up internal storage – Phone memory

  1. Just go to advanced option on TWRP and click on file manager
  2. Click on adcard and choose the folder (if you need to backup full internal storage you need to copy it from here) that you wants to backup and click on right icon and click copy folder. Then goto external_sd folder (This is your memory card) and click the right icon again and swipe confirm to the operation.
  3. After taking the backup of your phone memory, apps and data, you need to flash your custom recovery again.



Installing process of a new or already existing custom rom

  1. Go to wipe
  2. Do a factory reset
  3. Advanced wipe
  4. Select system, data, dalvik, cache and wipe
  5. Go to format data and type yes to format everything
  6. Then flash your favorite custom rom again and reboot. If you wants you can reinstall previous rom and restore the data.

This is a trick to fix the boot image validation errors of motorola devices without losing your phone memory and necessary data of applications. Watch the video if you have any thing to clarify.

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