Install GLTOOLS without root on parallel space and configure it 100% working with proof arm32& 64bit

Watch this tutorial to get a clear understand of this guide.

Gltools download

Parallel space download 32 bit and 64 bit
Game guardian version
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GL tools install and run on parallel space without root – No errors

What is GLTOOLs and its important in android games?

GL tool is graphic modification tool for android that runs with root. It can improve graphics and performance of all android games. So, I will explain how you can install it on parallel space and modify the game graphics setting without needing root, recovery or magisk. Further it can fix, force closing, exiting and other all graphical errors of android games.

What is parallel space for game guardian?

Parallel space is an app that help you to clone your applications and run them inside of a virtual space that created on sdcard. This application will help you to create more profiles of a one application.

But its comes without superuser and data modification features. So it’s a very different application from virtual rooting applications such as vmos, vphone gaga, x8 sandbox.

However, the period before these virtual machines came with supporting for root, parallel apps done a greatest job for the users who haven’t the root functions. So, Game guardian developers have modified these virtual applications to give a better experience for their users. And also for the purpose of, giving access for their users to modify the data files of the applications.

These type of modified parrel apps are called modified for game guardian.

What are the features of these parallel space apps?

  • Ability to change the speed of games with game guardian
  • Ability to edit and modify the data of games without super user (root)
  • Ability to install and run some limited root needed applications such as gltools

How can we run gltools without ROOT inside of parallel space?

You can run this application without root permissions on inside of parallel space that modified for game guardian. But it’s not giving you the full functionality of gltools. However, you can get 50% + success rate.

  • Download all required files in according to the device specifications
  • Install them on your device
  • Add your favorite game and gltools into parallel space
  • Open gltools (the version that we added to the parallel space)
  • Click on plus button to add the games that you want to modify graphics settings with gltools
  • Setting up and change the config settings of the game – but only you can use limited options here (watch the video and follow me if you don’t know)
  • Now click on back
  • Click on 3dot menu and launch your game

If you want to get the full performance, you can install old version with root. It’s working on any android device that has android 9.0 os or lower version. Or you can go for gltools reborn version that launched for android 10 and 11. Both applications will properly work under super user permissions (not virtual root). Installing latest version of parallel space is too easy and it will not harm your device. Your system path will not be modified.

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