How to unlock bootloader on Moto G5 Plus- XT1685 full tutorial | G5 | G5s Plus


In this tutorial I will explain how to unlock bootloader and how to install TWRP recovery on Motorola G5 devices.

  1. So firstly I’m going to explain the way of unlocking bootloader on Moto G5 Plus.
  2. Download above files to your PC in according to PC requirements. If your have a 64bit PC you need to download the 64bit version of these applications. Or if you have 32bit computer download 32bit drivers.
  3. Bootloader unlocking process will permanently  delete (format) your all the data and apps including your phone memory. So, you need to backup everything before continue to the tutorial. (Take a full backup of photos, messages, call logs, videos, recordings, documents, apps and their data )
  4. Then go to setting of your phone and find about phone option. Now tap continuously on it untill your phone appears the lock screen and enter your pattern to unlock the developer mode.
  5. Now back from there and open developer options.
  6. Scroll down and turn on USB debugging.
  7. Now click on OEM unlocking once again and unlock it
  8. Turn off your mobile and boot into fastboot mode from pressing and holding Power key + Volume down keys together until fastboot mode appearing
  9. Install all the drivers that we have already downloaded
  10. Connect USB cable (use a working cable)
  11. Now goto start menu from your PC and then search and start ADB saver
  12. Now run CMD or windows terminal
  13. Now enter this command and press enter
    • fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  14. Now copy and save all commands to a new text or word document
  15. (Select all = Ctrl+A / Copy = Ctrl+C)
  16. Now clear all other things including spaces until you’ll receives a clear code like following one
    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (example code – real code is much longer than this)
    • (merge all codes to get a one code)
  17. Now copy it
  18. Open motorola bootloader unlocking website and create a account to get bootloader unlocking code
  19. Now click on next and paste your command (that we have edited already) into the box and click can my device be unlocked
  20. Now click agree and request unlock key to earn your key
  21. Now you will receive a mail from Motorola mentioning the unlock code
  22. Now open terminal and type fastboot devicess and hit enter
  23. Now cmd will shows your device
  24. (Unplug other devices)
  25. type fastboot oem unlock and paste your key like this
    • fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
    • (xxx – should be your key that received from motorola)
  26. Now again paste that code and press enter
  27. Now you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of Moto G5 Plus
  28. Then we can install the TWRP custom recovery 


How to root and install TWRP on Moto G5 Plus/G5 | Root G5 plus – magisk | TWRP install moto g5 plus

If you following this after a long time please kindly use 3.5.1 version of twrp because newest versions have somewhat different ways.
And this will work perfectly for moto g5s plus montana download the twrp from

How to install pixel experience custom rom on moto g5 plus


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