How to install lineage os 18.1 / 17.1 / 16.0 with android 11/ 10 / 9 on moto g5 plus

How to install lineage os 18.1 / 17.1 / 16.0 with android 11/ 10 / 9 on moto g5 plus
Videos is only guide to install lineage os 18.1 with android 11 64bit aarch. But I also included
  • lineage Os 16.0
  •  lineage os 17.1
Download links
Following videos will guide you to unlock bootloader, install TWRP and roo on your moto g5 plus device. 
Download  lineage os for your device
Lineage Os 18.1 with android 11 for moto g5 plus – potter

Lineage Os 17.1 for moto g5 plus – potter

Lineage Os 16.0 for moto g5 plus – potter


Google camera download from here

Google camera mod for the custom rom

What is lineage OS Lineage os is a free and open-source OS for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform. They are the biggest custom rom developer in the industry. They are providing the best and secure custom roms for any android OS. Most of the custom rom developers are using lineage os custom rom as the basic OS for develop the modified versions. But in my experience lineage OS is the best stable, and secure custom rom which has greater performance than other custom roms. Also, it’s the only one custom rom that has almost all the features of your original rom. But when it comes to present situation of the world, smart phone industry is updating very fastly. So, they are only releasing the new updates for the devices that lately released. But most of of 3rd party developers are making new custom roms based on their OS. But the problem is there may be some bugs of those unofficial custom roms. What are the features of these lineage os custom roms (Lineage OS 18.1 comes with following new features and many more)
  • They will launch new security patches in every mnonth
  • Wi-Fi display is available for newer Qualcomm devices
  • Recorder app has been improved in more ways
  • Screen recording
  • The user interface has been more improved and designed to be more friendly
  • Easy way for view, manage, and share your voice notes
  • Inbuilt Calyx institute’s FOSS Seedvault application for backup
  • Option for non-A/B devices to update the recovery image alongside the OS
  • Lineage OS all apps supported for dark mode
  • LineageOS recovery now has a new, colorful, and fun UI that is much more accessible
  • AOSP’s new “instant screenshot” feature
BACKUP INTERNAL STORAGE BEFORE FLASHING ANY ROM ON THIS DEVICE How to flash lineage os on your Motorola moto g5 plus device? 
  • Boot into TWRP recovery
  • Take a full backup of your internal storage (Phone memory) Because sometimes you will have to face bootloop issues. So, then you need to format internal storage too.
  • Backup your current system, boot, recovery, data, and other partitions. Only if you need to recover the previous data and rom again
  • Do a factory data reset
  • Then go to format data and format system, data, dalvik cache, cache partitions
  • Select lineage os custom rom from the install option
  • Swipe to flash your rom and wait until the completing of this process
  • Reboot your phone and wait about 10 min
  • Boom! You have successfully flashed lineage os 18.1 on your phone
Installation method of other versions of lineage os is same as this tutorial. If you have any problem, just watch the video.
If your phone isn’t booting or restarting automatically without powering on within 5-10 minutes follow these steps,
  1. Press volume down + power key together as soon as your phone is powered off (or press vol+ vol- and power key until it came to black screen mode and follow above step)
  2. Then your phone will boot to TWRP and then go to wipe and advanced wipe then choose format data and type yes on the terminal
  3. This will format your all data including phone memory but phone will be ok

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