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GL tools install and run-on android 10 with root – No boot loop or device brick issues

So firstly, it’s better to watch this video tutorial. It includes all the steps of installing GLTOOLS with root on android 10. (This is not the old version of GLTOOLs. It comes under same developer who create the first GL modification app for android)


What is GLTOOLs?

GL tool is a advance, stable and 100% working graphic modification tool for android. It can also fix all the following bugs of games

  • force closing
  • exiting
  • graphics errors of android games

Other than this, GLTOOLS can speed up the slowest games. This GLTOOLs application is not the one that we can install from play store, because it’s a very basic application than this. That application does smaller changers to your games but only if the game supported for the process. But this application is the best one in android graphics modification industry.

Can we run it without ROOT?

Yes. You can also run this application without root permissions on inside of virtual machines like Vmos, X8 Sandbox or Vphone gaga. But it’s not working properly without root access. However, you can get 60% + performance from this app without root.

So further if you need to install it and use without root read this tutorial.


Features of GL tools application with root

  • Replace your current CPU, GPU, and RAM info to get better graphics experience on your favorite games
  • Change resolution, anti-aliasing and color-depth on any game or app
  • Texture compression and decompression support, (this function only works well on rooted mode) even if your GPU doesn’t support the format used in the game
  • Compatibility-increasing of games with low graphic profiles
  • Low, medium, and high graphic profiles will let you to control the full game
  • FPS limiter and unlimited functions will let you to unlock full FPS in games
  • FPS counter
  • GLSL shader optimization


The ways that you can run it on your device.

  1. Rooted mode. (only need root access magisk, supersu or any other root will support)
  2. Virtual machine mode. (vmos, vphonegaga)
  3. Virtual space mode. Requires a virtual space application that called the called “optimized for GameGuardian”. (virtualxposed, parallel space)


Will this brick your device like old gltool app does?

The answer is No. Because, in here they are only modifying the graphics setting of your game. (No need to modify your system partition anymore)


How to use this app?

  • Download the application from the following link
  • Install it on your mobile
  • Open and give super user access to gltools (In some devices are needed to give su access manually from magsik manager)
  • Click on + button to add the game or application that you want to modify graphics settings with gltools
  • Setting up and change the graphics settings of the game as your wish (graphics settings of apps are so different from one game to another and one device to another. So, you need to change it as your wish and find the best and suitable settings)
  • Now back and click on 3dot menu and launch your favorite game

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