HTTP Injector V2Ray free internet for any android device

HTTP Injector V2Ray method for free internet | SOCKS 5 / SOCKS 4 Proxy Free Internet on any android device

Some of ISP blocked hosts are 100% working with this method so you can setup this application and try this free internet method on your device.
V2ray setting up tutorial of http injector application In this video and post I am going to explain about free internet. As you already know, this http injector is the very best application for connecting free internet using free hosts. So in this guide I will explain about how to use this v2ray option which in the http injector and how to use that option to browse free internet. Also, how you can create a vpn account and how to find a free host. Let’s we see how to do those things on your country, your service provider and according to your data plan.
Install following files Install Http canary application Install http injector application from play store Install v2ray application plugin for http injector
  • Now check the money balance on your sim card
  • If you watch the video, you can see I didn’t have any cash or data balance on my sim card
How to create a v2ray VPN account? Now you need to search v2ray fastssh on google. After that, you can reach that website and then, scroll down and choose a server and create a VPN account from following the instructions. Also, you need to place your SNI bug host also to the given box.
Create V2Ray account from this site
  • Then you need to copy this created vpn account link
  • Open your http inject application.
  • Clear date of http injector from clicking on the 3 dot menu of right hand side.
  • choose V2Ray method from tunnel menu
  • Now open left hand side menu and go to V2ray settings. Then click on + Icon and paste your URL here. If it’s port 443 URL (only if its) you need to enable TLS and enter your SNI address to that place.
  • Now back and connect. In here your every SNI will be connected. But you need to check whether the connection is working or not from browsing the internet.
How to find a free internet host using http canary Every ISP provider has data packages called unlimited social media or educational packages. These types of packages will offer you an unlimited bandwidth that you can only use for connect to that educational or social media website. In this method we are going unlock that host for surf or download anything from internet.
  1. Activate that type of unlimited data plan
  2. You need to activate this from a sim card that hasn’t normal data and money otherwise its not working properly
  3. Open http canary and install certificate (if you have android 10/11/12 device this process is somewhat hard because you need to add that permission file manually to system settings from following their instructions.
  4. Now connect to VPN through http canary. Then it will start capturing your network.
  5. Now open the social media application that relates to the data package which you have installed. Or browse that social media site using your web browser about 1-2 minutes
  6. Just open Http canary and now you can find lots of hosts that you can gain free internet access
  7. But all these types of hosts are not support for browse free internet
  8. So, you need to add them into http injector v2ray host and check whether they are working or not

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