Http Injector LOCKED .ehi file unlocking tutorial 2021 | How to edit / unlock locked .ehi file

Http Injector LOCKED .ehi file unlocking tutorial 2021 | How to edit / unlock locked .ehi file

You need to have a high end android device (at least 2 gb ram)
There are some apps that you need to download before entering to the unlocking process of an ehi file.
First one is Vphone gaga application
Before going to download vphone gaga you need to find out the bit version of your phone. Because it has two versions. 32bit will work both 32 bit and 64 bit devices. But 64bit version is only work on 64bit devices.
Install this application on your phone and find the bit version of your device
  • Now download and install vphonegaga and just open it. Then give all the required permissions to vphonegaga and wait until the completion of installation process. This will take some time. If your device RAM isn’t much powerful it will be stuck at loading screen and you wont be able to boot it. That’s why I have already mentioned it earlier.
  • After successfully boot into vphone gaga app, you can see a new device that runs inside of your original device. Then open the setting of your vphonegaga system (not the sys setting). And find APN profiles under this path More/ Cellular networks/ Access point names and click on the 3 dot menu for create a new APN profile. Then add apn name and port as default and save the config. Then your Vphone gaga connection will turn on.
  • Now add HTTP Injector application (If you have installed a wrong version of Vphonegaga then the result will Injector installation will fail again. So you need to install it again from Playstore of Vphonegaga) from using the File transfer option. Also import your locked config file. Imported application will automatically installed on your phone gaga application. 
  • Then you need to import the config file into Http injector. Imported config files are located in documents folder of your file manager. Now again you need to exit to your original system.
  • Download and extract following file. Its consists of two separate files one is Apk and other one is certificate file. But this zip file comes with a password. You need to watch the following tutorial for gather all the 3 parts of the password.
  • Download the file (watch the video for gather 3 parts of the file). Use RAR application to extract this
  • And then, you need to install the apk file and add the certificate file into settings
How to install the certificate file?
  1. Open setting app
  2. Security settings
  3. Encryption and credentials
  4. Install a certificate
  5. Now select the certificate file
  6. If you can’t find this option, just search on settings as install certificate
  • Then open the installed network capture application and connect it from giving all the required permissions. Now your network capturing will be started. If the process is succeed you can get a key icon on your notification bar.
  • Now again go to Vphone system and connect to locked config file. Disconnect and try to connect again. Then open your host capture application.
  • Boom! You have successfully captured the host.
  • Watch the video if you have anything to clarify
Now you can create a new payload using that unlocked host. Payload can’t unlock. But if its a proxy config, payload will also captured. But you can’t create a new config using that payload. You need to create a new one using payload generator.
Create locked config and How to create any type of payload using the host

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