Samsung T285YD Tab J MAX Official Lastest Firmware flash

What is the original android firmware

firmware is the applications and operating system of your mobile that control how a Smartphone operates. It’s called firmware rather than software to highlight that it is very closely tied to the particular hardware components of a device. Also, some mobile phone manufacturers have OSes that we can’t do any modifications to the system partition. But, when it comes to Samsung they are allowing you to do any modifications to your phone easily. In this post, I will explain how you can install the original firmware on your Samsung T285YD tab (Samsung J max)


Why do we need to flash original firmware on our device?

There are many reasons to flash your original firmware once again.

  • Fix boot errors on your phone

If you have done anything wrongly to your original operating system, it will lead your device into the soft brick state. And the result will your device will be stuck on the booting screen or boot logo. That’s the simplest meaning of soft brick.

  • What are the things that your phone leads to the soft brick state?
  • Flashing unauthorized firmware, zip files, boot, or system files that not mentioned or ported to your device
  • Trying to root your phone without unblocking the FRP lock or bootloader
  • Flashing wrong kernels or custom recovery files
  • Change, modify, or delete the system files with root access
  • Giving root access to some apps that modifies your system partition using scripted methods (All most all of these type of apps will give you a warning)
  • And more…     
  • To reinstall the original firmware when you are facing some errors of custom ROM 
  • To get a cleaned system/boot/recovery partitions


How to flash Samsung T285YD original firmware?

  1. Firstly you need to power off your phone and boot into download mode
  2. If  its on the stucked boot screen,
  3. You need to press and hold all the keys (HOME key + Volume down key+ Volume plus key) at once until the reboot of your phone. As soon as your screen goes to black release all the keys and press download mode keys.
  4. How to boot into download mode?
  5. After powering off the phone or as soon as your screen goes to black
  6. Press and hold Power key + Volume down key + Home key together to boot into download mode
  7. Now press Volume Up key to continue to download mode
  8. Then you must have a working USB cable. Don’t use loose cables.
  9. Install Samsung USB drivers on your PC
  10. Open Odin application
  11. Download and extract the firmware file using 7zip file manager (Sometimes WinRAR does not support)
  12. Then load all files to the required path
  13. BL file to BL path
  14. AP file to AP path (this will take some time)
  15. CP file to CP path
  16. CSC file to CSC path
  17. Now connect your USB cable to PC
  18. Then your phone will identify by the Odin application and show as COM port
  19. Now press start yo flash
  20. Finally your device will be rebooted


Other than this if you are facing custom binary blocked by FRP lock and you want to fix it without losing your apps, data, and phone memory you need to flash AP partition without selecting BL CP CSC files

All files
odin tool usb drivers firmware file  Im using SM-T285YD_1_20180608062853_iunvuwg74b_fac this file you can use it too

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