Dark screen fix vmos lite

Black screen fix vmos

VMOS is a virtual machine app that supports running the android OS on Android phones as a guest operating system. But it’s needed a higher RAM and internal memory on our device. As a solution for this, Vmos Lite launched with the support for cheap android mobiles. Users can optionally run the guest Android VM as a rooted Android OS without really modifying their original system. The VMOS Android operating system has access to the Google Play Store Play games and other Google services. But in vmos lite those features were disabled. VMOS was the first virtual machine that comes with the support for Google Play services and other Google apps.
VMOS comes with many configuration settings for their virtual OS. Other than the rooted Android OS option. Some of these options includes choosing the display size resolution the Virtual Os would use, the ability to import apps & games from the main OS. People use this app to gain the root features to their mobile devices without really rooting them.
VMOS Features
Root & Xp. Support – Virtual machine that you create in VMOS comes with rooted without affecting the main system. This is a very advance and smart solution for anyone looking to run root apps on their mobiles but doesn’t have the ability to root the phone. This is also an essential feature for users sting apps. Root access is often required for specific functions of different applications. Now developers can run them without risking corrupting the main android system.
Create a Fake Device with all necessary information – Use VMOS to create a full virtual Android OS with a working Play store and network connectivity. This virtual Android OS will run Android 5.1 lollipop and 7.1 naught also it appears as a similar OS with your original OS, full touch control just like you would use on your main Android system. The Android VMOS is coming with an app games installer, Google services, and some inbuilt apps like a file manager and internet browser. You can sign in with your google account and access to the Play store and download new apps as well.
Multiple Accounts and Apps – With the ability to run two Android systems on a single phone, you can use the virtual space to run duplicated apps with different accounts. The VM is a good way to keep your personal apps and accounts separate from your original accounts. Sign in with your personal email, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. on your main system, then put all of your work-related accounts on the VM. You can run VMOS in a floating window, also as a dual booted os, it’s easy to switch between systems quickly.
But only a few of them are coming with the lite version. Almost Vmos has a main version and a pro version. Some of these ROMs are come with root and xp. features. But some are don’t. But if you followed this video tutorial correctly then you will be able to gain the Xp. featured feature easily.

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